The Other Man

The Other Man

by John Thatcher (write a review)
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Description of "The Other Man"

Natasha Jordan, a Russian/French documentary produced and director, prepares for her next assignment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva. At the moment of particle collision, an apparition appeared and Natasha has been asked to film this ‘occurrence’. A young doctoral student recognises the figure as Jack Ruby, the assassin of Lee Oswald. So Natasha and LHC Engineer, Michael Rutherford, begin a search for some meaning in the image, which takes them through the Russian mafia, exporting Ruby’s body parts from the USA, and seeking the help of the Max Planck Institute in Germany. DNA evidence only deepens the mystery. Natasha and Michael sink to grave robbing in a Chicago Jewish cemetery to prove that the buried ‘Jack Ruby’ does not match the viscera exported from the USA. The mystery deepens for them when they discover that they are being ‘tailed’ by Mossad and then almost murdered by Arabic secret police. Why?
Natasha’s computer is attacked, as are the Max Plank computers used in the DNA identification. Natasha and Michael are continually followed with the ever-present threat of violence.
They search the details of Lee Oswald, only to discover a shocking truth, which has been staring the world in the face for 50 years but has gone unrecognised. Having researched the details of Lee Oswald, they seems to have come to a dead end.
In Toulouse, Natasha’s daughter suggests the next step, but it is here that a car chase with Arabic secret police ensues, and Michael’s woeful driving sees them captured. It is Mossad, competing with the Arabs, who free them.
They employ the help of a private detective in the USA, who gathers DNA from Oswald’s siblings, and from his children. The DNA conclusively proves that there were two Oswald’s, just as they were two Ruby’s.
But how does this relate to the apparition at the LHC?
It is in Russia that Natasha finds the answer. In Khrushchev’s office she discovers the truth of the two Ruby’s and the two Oswald’s.

About the author(s)

Dr John Thatcher is a Sydney based author. He has owned a 1300 acre property on which he ran cattle, goats and pigs (or did they run him), owned an Indian restaurant (before Indian restaurants were popular in Australia), and has done a Ph.D. in Mathematics (Theoretical Astrophysics). He is a convicted , albeit unconventional Christian.

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