Tails of Low I.Q.

Tails of Low I.Q.

Flop Fiction

by Karan Virk (Sixth Pandav) (3 reviews, add another)
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Description of "Tails of Low I.Q."

“Waaaaaaaaaaah (Wooooooooooow) Taj!” is a common quote said by most tourists while witnessing the beauty of Taj Mahal. There must be something in India that makes it the center of attention. Housing 28 states and 7 Union Territories, India is the most diverse country in the world. Every corner of this vibrant country contains a mixture of its share of architecture, regional culture, and crazy issues resulting in mind fracture. This book contains stories cooked with a ‘Desi – Tadka’, sprinkled with Indian Masala.

I have written many of these stories during my school days and hopefully will be wandering the streets of India in future. My earlier ‘Emotional’ Pichkaris (Holi Water Guns) failed to bring me success, while filmmakers like Anurag Kashyap & Sudhir Mishra easily achieve success by exploring the dark depths of human mind. So, I have turned to ‘Low I.Q.’ and started my journey from a new perspective. My pseudonym is “Sixth Pandav” because I relate to (& share my name) with Karan from mythological epic Mahabharata who was a rebel in true sense.

I would like to thank my family, friends, and mentors for their support. My teachers from Kirpal Sagar Academy, Teja Singh Kandhari School, Modern Senior Secondary School, for their teachings. Personal thanks to the online masterminds who helped me gain a vision by analyzing their visions of Comic Groups, Storywrite Website, Allpoetry Website, Blogger Groups etc.

A very special ‘Thank You’ to Mohit Sharma (Trendster / Trendy Baba) without whom this project would have had never been created. He has provided commendable support by helping and guiding me through every part of this ‘Indie’ experience!

- Ivanpreet Singh Virk (Karan Virk)

About the author(s)

Karan Virk is a rising writer, poet, blogger, researcher/activist, social/cultural enthusiast. He is currently pursuing a degree in Pharmacy, but dreams of achieving his writer/director dreams. Karan Virk’s resume made up of various writing, articles, blogs, awards, is available at various destinations online like, Comic Community Groups, Blogging Groups, Storywrite Website, Allpoetry Website, Various Social Recreational Archives, etc. Keywords related to Karan Virk (giving him a 2nd dimension) are Sixth Pandav, N.G.A. (Non Governmental Author), Karanva, Freelance Talents, Dr. Freeze.

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Reviews of "Tails of Low I.Q."
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Re: Tails of Low I.Q. by charanpreet_95
4 March 2012 - 11:29pm

Fantastic read...........The writer has created a masterpiece. I lfound "The Sufferer Became The Conqueror", "Trum Jihad", "Tears of a Clown", "Jungli Kingdom", to be entertaining as hell!

Re: Tails of Low I.Q. by EKTA HAMPAUL
4 March 2012 - 4:37am

This book is a mark of creative versatility, unseen in many other writers. The stories have been written in an amazing manner. I loved the geniusness carved in this book. From "Trump Jihad" to "Blessings...", wide issues are touched upon. Brilliant!

Re: Tails of Low I.Q. by navdeepsidhu82
3 March 2012 - 9:46am

Tails of Low I.Q. takes us on tour of the social and political situations prevailing in different parts of India as well as in some other parts of the world. Karan's characters presents the common Indian man and the problems of life faced by them. 'Miss Economy' shows us the living condition of the people living below poverty line in the state of Jharkhand whereas 'Jungli Kingdom' depicts the political ideology of two major political parties of India. Karan's work is the result of deep knowledge and understanding of all sphere's of human life and world. Its a great work to address the problems of Indian society and culture.

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