An Introduction to English Phonetics

by Leela Jayson (5 reviews, add another)
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The purpose of writing this book is to enable the learner to use a standard dictionary or pronouncing dictionary in English for checking the correct pronunciation of a word. And to refer to a standard dictionary, mastering the phonetic symbols/script becomes a must, as pronunciation of a word is given in phonetic script immediately after the word .
This book will benefit students, teachers and other professionals who have a penchant for learning, mastering and reinforcing the sounds of English, enabling them for the enhancement in their communication skills. The book can thus be used for learning and teaching the English phonetic script.

About the author(s)

Leela Jayson has to her credit a long innings of nearly four decades in the field of education and teaching of English. A lifelong student of English Phonetics, she has been passionate about learning this subject since her under graduate days which motivated her to opt for English Phonetics as the Project work for her Post Graduate Diploma in the Teaching of English (PGDTE) from the prestigious CIEFL (now EFL University), Hyderabad. This has resulted finally in her writing of this book.

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Re: KNOW YOUR PRONUNCIATION... by leelajayson
6 July 2011 - 8:22pm

Language is an important tool for one to express one's feelings and thoughts in absence of which the communication is very difficult. And in order to communicate in a way that makes sense, it is important to acquire competence in the language and one of the key components of the language, in addition to speak it correctly,is to pronounce it correctly.Many a time the wrong pronunciation leads to confusion.

Mrs.Jayson has put her long experience in the form of this book titled "Know Your Pronunciation..." covering vital aspects of phonics and phonetics. The book is a perfect primer for any one who wants to learn the basics of English pronunciation.The description of phonetic symbols in a tabular format with illustrations helps in acquiring the speaking skill of English language.

The book illustrates effectively as to how to connect the sounds of English with letters or groups of letters, thus helping learners blend the sounds of letters together to produce the correct pronunciation of words. It also stresses upon the basic rules of phonics.

Finally, interesting and thought provoking activities, which are given at the end of the book, are meant for evaluating the learner's grasp of English sounds dealt at length in the book.

The book will definitely add value to teachers and students of English.

-- Alok Katdare,
Director of Academics,
K.D.Ambani Vidyamandir,
Jamnagar, Gujarat

Know Your Pronunciation …An Introduction to English Phonetics – A Review

“Know Your Pronunciation …An Introduction to English Phonetics” is certainly a gift for people who aspire to achieve perfection in the skill of speaking a language correctly. It is an inexorable journey to the hitherto unknown realms of linguistics, which is the science of language. Certain nuances of language are often overlooked by the young learners, but, with the guidance of this book a step can be taken at the primary level itself to reconstruct and reconstitute the finesse of English language. The vowels and consonants of International Phonetics Alphabet (IPA) are different from those of English language. The origin of these vowels and consonants and their development into phonemes are largely instrumental in shaping our pronunciation. This book not only serves as a guide to a graphic presentation of the IPA, but at the same time reinforces our language to such an extent that children will grow more confident for their future endeavours.

“Know Your Pronunciation” is an up-to-date overview of the basics of English pronunciation which comprises of 15 chapters.
 The first five chapters are an introductory preface, wherein the process of speech is analysed in a simple manner.
 The seventh and eighth chapters focus on the whole IPA chart containing all the Phonetic symbols.
 In the tenth chapter, the writer gives a detailed explanation of stress and intonation which makes it rather easy for the new learner to get the idea of acoustics in speech.
 The concluding chapter enlists the phonetic sounds of English in the Devnagri script, which will ease the understanding for the novices. The activities at the end will surely help to test ourselves and encourage us to read more in this subject.

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that this book has given succinct information about the basic terminology and the sound system of the English language in an objective and scientific manner, covering the whole range of basic phonetic ideas a student requires.

Re: KNOW YOUR PRONUNCIATION... by leelajayson
19 May 2011 - 7:24pm

The book "Know Your Pronunciation" by Leela Jayson is a user- friendly and simplified attempt to initiate and familiarise learners with the English Phonetics. The book is extensive, exhaustive and very thoroughly researched.It has hundreds of examples which can enable any learner(of any age-group) to catch the different sounds behind every phonetic symbol.
Some salient features of the book are:
- It is written in simple and lucid English which makes the book a complete self-study course in Phonetics.
- Uses the internationally accepted IPA(International Phonetic Alphabet) symbols.
- Deals with each sound separately.
- Interesting practice exercises make phonetics an enjoyable experience. For eg. the book refers to Nursery rhymes(Pg.69), scenes from movies-"My Fair Lady" etc. to illustrate examples.
- Tongue-twisters are given for extensive practice(Pg.47 for eg.). These make it easy for the learner to remember the IPA symbols.
- Gives useful tips- for eg. When 'r', 'l', 'p', 'h' are silent.
- The book briefly touches upon other elements of pronunciation like Syllable, Accent, Stress- giving the learner a comprehensive knowledge of Phonetics.
- Deals with simple grammar items related to pronunciation like- Use of Articles(Pg.79), Change of Accent according to change of Parts of Speech(Pg.80), Homophones etc.

The book even gives Hindi(Devanagari) equivalents of the IPA symbols which makes it very user friendly for Hindi speaking learners.
In brief, the book is highly recommended for students(Senior School level) and adults alike. It is an earnest effort of an experienced teacher whose years of experience has been captured in this remarkable book. It is a "must-have".

-- By Principal N.N.Nayyar

Re: KNOW YOUR PRONUNCIATION... by emaildivyamanoj
6 May 2011 - 8:17pm

Mrs. Leela Jayson has been passionate about learning phonetics which resulted in her writing of this book. To speak with correct pronunciation, one must learn correct pronunciation.This book is written for the beginners as well as teachers of phonetics.It is an introduction to English phonetics with symbols and necessary footnotes.The use of interesting stories , sentence practice and tongue twisters make the book more interesting. The activities given in the book help the learners to do self assessment. Being a student of English Language and Literature, I have come across with many books written on phonetics. But of all the books,this one is illustrated in the simplest way possible.In my opinion, phonetics should be included in school curriculum.This book can very well be used for the students of class I onwards.I would like to recommend this book for all the parents and teachers and enthusiastic learners." Know your pronunciation....." by Mrs.Jayson is a good source of basic information about the subject.

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