Different Faces of Life

by Madhu Kalyan Mattaparthi, Gunjan Vyas (3 reviews, add another)
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Description of "Pebbles"

Life is a journey from birth to death and like any other journey, it occurs in a series of events. Time passes by and we find ourselves on a new phase before we can even comprehend the end of the one we had just lived! The journey has its ups and downs – at times we feel like time couldn't have been better and at times, even the purpose of being alive remains lost on us. Different events have different effects on us – some affect us drastically while others simply wave at us as they pass by. These events are like pebbles – each having a different shape, a different color, a different size and together they join to draw a path in front of us which we tread during the journey of life.

About the author(s)

Madhu Kalyan is an IT professional from Hyderabad, India, born on 16th January 1989. He is a philanthropist, traveler and pursues writing as a hobby. Sensitive and observant, everything that happens around him is an inspiration to do something new. His knowledge in the world of technology has earned him appreciation and success and he now considers writing his new passion. He is owner of a start-up company, Green Turtle Software Solutions.

Gunjan Vyas is a college student born on 20th August 1994, residing in New Delhi, India. She has interest in music, technology and works of fiction. She likes to write poems and short stories as a hobby. She also co owns a start-up company, Green Turtle Software Solutions which her friend started and suggests and supports new ideas

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Reviews of "Pebbles"
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Re: Pebbles by PeterJohn
28 November 2013 - 11:20pm

Pebbles by Madhu Kalyan & Gunjan Vyas is a wonderful collection of stories. Each one feels like an extract from life. Filled with lovely sentiment and strong emotion. Penned with such smooth voices that you end up feeling as if you have just glimpsed into the lives of real people and on a deeply personal level. I loved 'The Perfect Father' and I really enjoyed the animal perspective of 'Survival' and the whole book is beautifully crowned by 'Dinner With Stranger' a moving and romantic tale. Pebbles is an inspiring collection that I am sure to peruse often.

Re: Pebbles by enelia2b4u
28 July 2013 - 11:03pm

I commend the authors of this book for coming up with this great compilation... they where able to touch the heart of their readers through words that makes you see each and every scenery in the story. I can't help but be affected, specially by my two favorites- The Imperfect Father and Misfortune Child...it's as if you're one with the story...feeling it as if your there...all the stories are worth your time reading/reflecting on. This could be an eye opener to some of the worlds biggest problems...congratulations and goodluck.... will be waitin for the next book..!

Re: Pebbles by prathyu 1289
27 July 2013 - 12:00pm

as the author madhu mentioned.. this book really have different faces of life.. all the stories are very interesting.. and some of them made me think..and some made me emotional.. Imperfect father and misfortune child stories are very heart touching and really this world should get rid of cancer and poverty and hope one day will come.. me, hyderabad and bomb story was a real disaster happened in hyderabad..its like a real experience while reading it... what's love is a very lovely story... true and real love b/n two souls.. and all the stories are nicely narrated... worth reading it.. good luck to my friend madhu kalyan...

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