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Description of "A BLISSFUL LIFE"

Being at bliss or happiness is a major achievement in our stressful life. Stress can be regarded as one of the awful experiences that are destroying our life either knowingly and unknowingly and become a hindrance in achieving success and bliss in our life. In our busy schedule, we do not find time to explore our self, like what we want and what we want to achieve in our life. We always look at the crowd and behaves in the same manner as they are behaving and get fascinated by one of them and want to become like them. We do not want to stand differently. This is because we do not have enough confidence and courage to stand and face difficulties and failures in our life. Also, at the same time, we are not aware that what we are feeding to our mind and body. There is an immediate need to be aware and keep track of what we are feeding to our mind and body. This is because if we continuously and repeatedly feed something which is unknowingly harmful to our mind then it will become the hard-core memory. I am sure that will definitely affect your ways of thinking and responding to situations. As well as feeding something to our body, again and again, which is harmful will deteriorate our body. I guarantee you that this book will help you to understand deeply about all the situation discussed above and help you better understand such situations. This book will help you to make aware of every situation and allow you to respond sensibly and wisely.

About the author(s)

Mohd Faheem Ullah is an inquisitive, passionate, enthusiastic and optimistic person. He believes in positive thinking and is a good observer. He aims to eliminate the negative feeling and thoughts from the mind of the people in the society. He is good at maintaining harmony and peace with a sense of patience.
His inquisitive behaviour let him think and analyses everything around him. This reflects his research attitude. As a result, he did his engineer in Instrumentation and Control Engineering from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Azad Technical University. His enthusiasm for research did not stop here, he joined Doctor of Philosophy at Indian Institute of Technology Madras to continue his research work.
He wanted to make this world full of good energy, enthusiasm, passion etc. so that they can beat every difficult situation to come out of such situation easily, quickly and efficiently. He believes that life is very simple. Sometimes, we itself make it complicated and blame others. It just depends on how we see things around us and around others. He believed that, basically, it depends on our own perception. So, wherever possible, by mean of any source, he urges everyone to make perception correct and positive and you will see the different world.

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