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Description of "KASHMIR and SHER E KASHMIR"

Mystics, poets and the occasional travelers might have been transported to heavens above by the sights and sounds of the unique landscape called Kashmir, but the long line of Subedars and Maharajas remained unmoved by the nether world existence of its inhabitants.
Exceptionally fertile in producing men of philosophical as well as artistic imaginations besides variety of crops and fruits, Kashmir, paradoxically has had a dismal record in producing lion hearted leaders who could muster support of the masses and lift the people to an acceptable degree of human dignity.
After the mysterious demise of Lalita Dittya, Kashmir had to suffer for centuries before the legendry Sultan Zain Ul Abdin, restored respectability to its people. With the demise of this venerated Sultan, Kashmir gradually slipped until it touched the very bottom of human dignity again.
From 1470 A.C, when Sultan Zain Ul Abdin passed away till 1905A.C was again a long tortuous wait of more than four centuries for Kashmir when at last a man was born to wake up the people and lead a revolution.
Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah authored a unique revolution and guided it with an exceptional determination. Far sighted and of clear vision he could foresee the catastrophic results of what followed the division of the sub continent. Often accused of wavering stands, his critics forget the basic axiom that the tactical policy of a revolution should not be confused with the principles. The strategy adopted cannot be identified with the ultimate purpose.

About the author(s)
P Parimoo also writing under the name Pl D Parimoo and Peejip,was born in Srinagar(J&Kashmir state) and completed schooling and graduation from Srinagar before moving to Mumbai for training as a textile engineer. Since the beginning of his career, he mostly remained outside Kashmir but did his best to keep in touch with his roots and also to keep the traditions of Kashmiriyat alive in his home. As a part of his profession, he lived in Germany for several years and also travelled extensively across the world before shifting from a corporate culture to the arena of Historiography. While his earlier book Kashmiryat at crossroads focused exclusively on the contemporary socio political history of Kashmir, his second book,Passion,power,perfidy highlighted the ancient cultural intercourses between Kashmir and other parts of the Indian sub continent including Afghanistan. Mr.P.Parimoo contributes to news paper columns and reviews books concerning Kashmir.
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