Happiness ki Khoj

Happiness ki Khoj

Learn the art to celebrate life, right here, right now

by Rachana Gupta (write a review)
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Genre: Parenting & Families, Self-Improvement
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Description of "Happiness ki Khoj"

You've this subtle feeling that you are happy but you also feel the potential to be a lot happier. But you don’t know how to unleash this untapped potential within you. This book shows you how not to settle for just being happy but learn the art to celebrate life, right here, right now!

Book provides you a sparkling new perspective on: -

1. What is real happiness
2. How happiness is linked with family, friends, health, success, money & recognition
3. How to be a happy mom that leads to a successful and happy child
4. Secrets of the happiest people around the world that live for 100 years
5. Real people, Real stories, Real lessons

Even though happiness is a common search for every human but your reason for unhappiness is unique. This makes your khoj or search of happiness also unique and Rachana is excited to be your navigator in this journey. She promises to equip you with tools to identify your unique misalignment, methods to strike a balance, and realize your ‘full potential’ to lead a blissful life.

As a woman especially as a mother, you wear multiple hats as a daughter, sister, wife, mother and daughter-in-law and in the bargain, you forsake your happiness for others. But when you prioritize the woman-in-you first to be happy, it has a magical spiraling effect on everyone around – you as a mom, your children, husband, in-laws, friends, health, career, money and things that matters to you. Reading this book will not only help you discover your unique identity but also thrive in every sphere of your life as a whole.

Book Content:

First section helps you understand four kinds of happiness, debunks common myths around it and explains what real happiness is.

Second section deals with styles of parenting especially motherhood and which one is right for you. You will learn happiness habits of highly Happy Moms that leads to a Happy Child. It covers real stories of ordinary Indian women who share their happiness secrets to lead extraordinarily happy life.

Third section covers factors that affects your daily happiness - friendship, health, success, work, money and recognition. It paves a clear path for you to follow in each of these areas to elevate your happiness levels.

Fourth sections reveals the secrets of happiest people in the world, top 5 regrets of the dying and how centenarians happily live for 100 years

About the author(s)

Rachana is a Happiness Coach and Author of the book - Happiness ki Khoj. Rachana bid adieu to a successful 16-year corporate career to pursue her dream of enabling people to experience real happiness and celebrate life, here, now!

She has established her secrets of real happiness in three ways – personal experiences, deep observations of social behaviors and extensive scientific research around the world. She has made a life-long commitment to share these secrets with people especially moms. She believes that a happy mom leads to a happy child giving rise of happier generations ahead.

Rachana loves to interact with people and make a life-changing impact in their lives.

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