India Stripped

India Stripped

Voice For India

by Renee Lynn (write a review)
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Genre: Politics & Society, Travel
Language: English
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Description of "India Stripped"

In the book India Stripped - Voice for India, the author is exposing the truth and reality about India that the mainstream international media and certain Indian media refuse to convey. Renee Lynn has journeyed throughout India numerous times and seen the real India that the international mainstream media is not correctly portraying, but instead covering up the truth. Why would they deceitfully hide the real India?

In the author’s second book, India Stripped, she writes about her own personal experiences and through extensive research exposes why the international mainstream media and certain Indian media refuses to openly show the good side of India, the successful side of India, but only want to showcase the dark and ugly side of India.

India is rich in ancient philosophy, made valuable and immeasurable contributions and achievements to the world and is becoming a global powerhouse. The author has a burning desire to tell the world about the real India, whether you are living in India or outside of India or just always wanted to travel to India.

The vast majority of people believe the mendacities told by the media and therefore will never set foot on Indian soil and will miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime and a cultural experience that could change the life of someone in one way or another.

India Stripped - Voice for India will hopefully open your eyes and strip the veil of deception that the media has falsely blinded you with about India. This book is for everyone; Westerners, Non-Resident Indians and even if you were born and raised in India, you just might be surprised to learn something about this remarkable country called Bharat.

About the author(s)

Renee Lynn is a Public Figure Activist, Published Author, Columnist and Founder of Voice for India Project. Renee Lynn was born and raised in New Jersey. She’s best known for raising issues and awareness about India's political and social issues. Traveling all over the world, she has seen many different cultures, which was one of the best experiences of her life, India being the most life-changing.

She has appeared in numerous India newspapers and television channels for her project, "Voice for India". Renee Lynn exposes the media and propaganda against India. In her book India Stripped, she investigated the mainstream media and tells the world about the real India. Her passion for getting the truth out about India is perpetual.

You can find Renee Lynn’s social media sites; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube at Renee Lynn - Voice for India.

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