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Many innovations these days happen in startups. Whether Uber or Google or Dropbox, ultimately however, most of the small and successful companies become Big Business. How so ever frustrating many corporate interactions may be; from the “Power Corporations” to the “Internet Service Providers”, to the big factories in China and all over the world. The fact is that Big Business is indispensable for most of us. The long term survival of humanity depends on building a strong foundation for industrial relations. Developing fields of Organizational Ethics and Industrial Sociology, that is.

When we think of superhuman, Superman or Spiderman or similar superheroes come to mind. This is good for an artistic presentation. In reality however, it’s the Big Business, the people who are its Prime Movers to be more precise. It’s this association of The Prime Movers that is a real superhuman. Due to the leftist-bent in the mainstream intellectuals, this superhuman is struggling, and is not completely healthy. Let’s take the pointers of Ayn Rand and Objectivism to re-energize this Atlas.

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“The objective should be to improve the Enterprise, and not just the Enterprise Software.” When Rohin first started working in the field of Enterprise Software, this tweet was the anchoring thought. However, he soon realized, even if he molds himself into the Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie of the field, he will not be able to do the Justice the enterprise deserves; that would require fixing the very foundations of the subject that drives the enterprise, the subject of Management.

Having spent 14 years studying Objectivism, working on Enterprise, Mobile, and Network management software, connecting these to various aspects of life: Rohin Gupta delves into a previously undiscovered aspect of Management Science and Philosophy, a set of practically applicable theories, in the form of Principles applied to concrete aspects of business.

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