The 7th Incarnation

The 7th Incarnation

Ram-Janki Series

by Rohit Omar (write a review)
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Genre: History, Literature & Fiction
Language: English
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Description of "The 7th Incarnation"

Rom, a relationship manager by profession, lives a regular life with his roommate in city of aspirations, Delhi. Known as the philosophical guru among his circles, he maintains a rational outlook towards life searching for answers, of questions those are forbidden to ask or mention.

But his regular life changes one weekend, when a get together is organized by his roommate. There a debate emerges among them over Ram of Ramayan. Did he even exist, whether he deserved to be worshiped or not as some of his acts were put on dock.

Rom decides to clear the air and narrates the saga in order to remove the grudges or delusions one by one with their respective occurrences those are flooded in the minds of rest characters. He also showcases the real picture of Dharm that is apart from religion. The clarifications he made are fairly placed discussions supported by apposite rationales.

Slowly, as the epic unfolds, the rest of characters realize the real story that was lost behind the modern reasoning, one-sided layered with egotism. The true character of Ram and other characters of the epic that was inscribed by the contemporary sage, Valmiki, stand out tall and this time, in actual.

My endeavor that portraits one of the prime Sanatan Deities, Shri Ram and Devi Sita. The work incorporates their legend based on Ramayan by Valmiki; a famed sage and a contemporary of that eon. The 7th Incarnation; the first part of the Ram-Janki series. Along with the story, this book also explores the evolution chronicles, concept of Avatar and the eternal Sanatan Dharm; the misconceptions and the absence of knowledge with regards to it are in detail accompanying the main subject without interrupting the plot.

The story is written to enlighten any person disregarding to his/her demographics or religious interests, it primarily targets the youth. The language and information had been meticulously in compliance with readers of any or every age group. In my journey, I came out with some facts which were still unknown, or if they were there, then the essence was given a miss and so I came with this book. It covers every act of Shri Ram and other characters. Wherever the controversy is highlighted, it is cleared by facts and highlights Shri Ram's divinity. The clarifications are made by fairly placed discussions supported by apposite rationales. Shri Ram has been my source of inspiration and my real strength. Whenever in uncertainty, his legend has guided me paving my way to light.

About the author(s)

Rohit Omar (b. 1983) has done his Post graduation in Business Management from New-Delhi; it has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. After working with a financial consultancy firm he joined his family business in Kanpur. This is his first endeavor with world of words.
Reading has been his favorite pastime since childhood. Apart from reading he has his best interests in cooking, photography, playing cricket and snooker.
He has been an active group member of ‘for writers, by authors’ and other literary groups in Facebook, as well as a member of Goodreads and Wattpad, social websites providing platforms for aspiring authors. He also has been actively into blogging.

He can be contacted through following:

E-mail: srirom@outlook.com

Find out more about him: www.srirom.in

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