Intelligent Fanatics of India

Intelligent Fanatics of India

by Rohith Potti, Pooja Bhula (write a review)
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Genre: Business & Economics
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Description of "Intelligent Fanatics of India"

Uncertainty is characteristic of the world we live in. Economies rise and fall, bubbles form and burst, policies change and evolve. The ever-changing business climate gets mirrored in sentiments of participants in the business ecosystem -- swinging between panic and euphoria. Yet during every downturn, we see Intelligent Fanatics emerge. The world’s best business builders, they are antifragile -- they don’t merely survive bad times, but strengthen themselves under stress. Intelligent Fanatics of India studies seven such carefully chosen entrepreneurs from the country. Hailing from diverse backgrounds and industries, the list ranges from private to public companies, first generation visionaries to tycoons of established family businesses, as well as turnarounds. The common thread? A pattern of intelligent fanaticism that has allowed them to build businesses that dominate and endure. The book attempts to decode this pattern based on the framework developed in our previous two volumes. While the stories are Indian, the insights can be applied in any part of the world. Whether you are an investor, business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or interested in biographies of business leaders, this book is for you.

About the author(s)

Rohith Potti is based out of India and began his journey into the world of investing under Prof Bakshi at MDI. He started investing full-time in 2016 and currently manages his family money.

Pooja Bhula is a journalist from India, who writes on a range of subjects from business and culture to social issues and lifestyle trends for reputed print and digital publications. A newbie investor, she only manages her own money.

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Intelligent Fanatics Publication
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