I Watched You Die

I Watched You Die

by Sahana Venugopal (3 reviews, add another)
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Genre: Teens
Language: English
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Description of "I Watched You Die"

You're in the dark hospital. You're totally alone and immobile.

You're going to be murdered.

By a boy you helped to kill.

Horror. Torture. Murder. Teenagers. Gangs. A Lava Lamp. And an electrical cord. Welcome to "I Watched You Die."

The story takes you through the confused and conflicted mind of Ayle Trent, a troubled fifteen year old who will do anything to become independent of his nerdy friend. To know more...read the book.

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About the author(s)

Sahana Venugopal is fifteen years old and is a ninth grader at Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam (Chennai). She lived in Illinois, USA for ten years and for her, writing is an obsession. Besides her other writing projects, Sahana enjoys playing basketball and watching good movies. She plays the Veena, learns Carnatic Vocal music and learns Kalaripayattu, a Keralan martial art. Her ambition is to become an Investigative Journalist.

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5 inch x 8 inch
Interior Pages: Black & White
Binding: Paperback (Perfect Binding)
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Reviews of "I Watched You Die"
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I Watched You Die by sruti
28 February 2012 - 7:21pm

this book is amazing, not only does it fulfill the needs of a horror story, it also grips the reader until the end. An unputdownable book, i would recommend lots of people to read it.
the fact that she's only 15 makes the book all the more awesome.

great job, bro.

I Watched You Die by Sahana Venugopal
24 February 2012 - 4:40pm

Re: I Watched You Die by sumi
23 February 2012 - 7:28pm
I have read this book - and for readers, I can say that Sahana writes with hook and thrill practically engraved in each page, and at no point will a teen feel disinterested in the story.
The story follows the life of Ayle Trent - a badly influenced teenage boy, who does not care about studies or faliure. But once things turn drastic, the to-be-enemy actually helps Ayle succeed in his studies. But things aren't always so rosy.
There's something else going on in Ayle's social life, that he doesn't realize is going to affect him if he doesn't get rid of it fast. One piece of evidence. One name uttered out of thoughtlessness.
Costs one life. Taken away at midnight. By Necro....
Structured in three un-put-downably hooking parts, Will, Necro and Fated, Sahana Venugopal's "I watched you die" will bring you the horror that you've been waiting for all this time.

Re: I Watched You Die by arundhatiramesh
18 February 2012 - 7:51am

A great read,grips the reader from first page to the last....very inventive plotting&wonderful characterisation
Sahana venugopal,you have a great gift for story telling .....
Happy to the first one to write the review!!
Hoping to read a lot of' horror' stuff from you!!
Ps love the way you equate math to bank figures):):!!


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