Governing India-An Evolved Solution

Governing India-An Evolved Solution

by Satish Oberoi (write a review)
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Genre: Social Science, Politics & Society
Language: English
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Description of "Governing India-An Evolved Solution"

India today suffers from many stumbling blocks in the road
to progress. India’s multi-religious and multi-linguistic
population, caste and Jati systems, disputes arising from
geographic considerations like river water -sharing,
corruption, decline in values, unprecedented disparity in
incomes, poverty, lack of education; unemployment, health
care, insurgency, Maoist activities, etc. makes governance a
major challenge.
Our system of governance should have been evolved taking
into account the above factors. In practice, our constitution
has had little to do with the Indian population and Indian
conditions, resulting in serious problems in governance.
It is imperative that we form well-knit societies, which not
only collectively progress our citizens, but also help to curb
negative tendencies. India’s diversity demands re-creation of
suitable societies that can progress citizens, while retaining
homogeneous control of all the people.
The book examines all the issues in context of current
situation, analyses them and suggests appropriate solutions:
including reinventing the Varna system to keep abreast with
modern times.
Governance is a vast and complex issue, however this book
attempts to address the problems at hand and suggests the
way forward in a concise manner. There is still a lot to be
discussed, and your thoughts will help, so please visit the
author’s blog and share your views. www.satishoberoi.com

About the author(s)

Satish Oberoi was born in Sindh (Now in Pakistan) in 1939. In
1947, during the India-Pakistan partition, his family migrated
to Belgaum (Now in Karnataka) in India.
He lived a modest childhood, excelled in academics and went
on to serve the Indian Army in 1960. He displayed strong
leadership skills as an Officer in the Corps of Engineers, as a
Professor at the College of Military Engineering; and even as
a Sportsman. He gained many accolades during his defence
tenure, including representing India in the 1972 Olympics,
Munich and the 1970 Asian Games, Bangkok. He retired from
the Army in 1982, after 22 years of service.
After this he was involved in the emergence of the Telecom
industry in India. Satish worked for and consulted with
Ericsson, AT&T and TATA for almost
15 years. He retired in 2011 and settled down in the city of
Pune, India.
Since then he has published a number of articles about issues
pertaining to contemporary Indian subjects. In this book,
Satish shares his views on the issues and potential solutions
for the betterment of the people of India via good governance.

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