Happiness All Along

Happiness All Along

A journey which has no path or destination

by Saurabh Leekha (write a review)
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Genre: Self-Improvement
Language: English
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Description of "Happiness All Along"

The definition of happiness is changing with times. Everyone knows happiness is inside you. Simple isn’t it? However, we continue to run around the world in search of it. Will we find it this way? No, Never. Our environment programs us to appreciate happiness through things. When as a young kid we cried, they gave us a rattle. Maybe we needed our mother’s lap. The same treatment continued throughout our childhood. The result - we linked happiness to our desires.

The purpose of writing this book on happiness is to bring a smile on your face. After reading it you would be clear what real happiness is and know what causes unhappiness. This book combines real-life experiences, insights & self-help into one. The experiences written in the book are real-life insights, the outlook is practical and the initiatives to keep you ‘happy’, simple and doable. As we study to be aware, eat to remain healthy or work to earn money, we should also work to remain ‘happy’. Happiness is not a lottery gifted to you in a draw of lots. It is a way of life. People who understand this, live a blissful life while others are always questioning: why am I cursed?

The book in later half outlines steps I had taken to set myself on the path of happiness. These steps are simple daily activities which I tried making a part of my life. They helped me in understanding life, our role in the ecosystem and how our interactions with the ecosystem enhance the pleasures of life. You are most welcome to believe them and follow them. You may believe some, drop few or dump them. It’s your choice. Happiness is also a choice. If you want to remain happy, you will, come what may.

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About the author(s)

Saurabh Leekha is an expert in enterprise sales consulting, accomplishing his 20 years of diverse experience in both channel & direct sales. Contributing in the field of Technology & Telecom space, he has majorly excelled and precipitated success in the areas of sales strategy consulting, business planning, coaching and mentoring.

Saurabh’s tryst with his career so far is not only note-worthy, but also exemplary. A placid personal self, he has been consistent in the undulating demands of profession. His journey as a writer does not come as a surprise to many who know him from his initial years. His flair for writing is easy to absorb and touches the heart. The simple tone of his books and the connect makes the reader feel that it is their story, thereby, having a far reaching effect on the psyche of the common man.

Saurabh currently advises enterprises on sales strategy development and implementation. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering & a Masters of Business Administration. He lives in Delhi with his mother, wife Dr. Meenakshi and sons, Manish and Himnish.

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