A Spiritual Healing Journey towards Higher Consciousness

A Spiritual Healing Journey towards Higher Consciousness

(Short stories and poetry)

by Sonam Jagad (write a review)
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Genre: Literature & Fiction, Poetry
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Description of "A Spiritual Healing Journey towards Higher Consciousness"

What is life? It is a tricky & often confusing question. If we ask this question to everyone, there will never be a common answer. Fair enough. Everyone is uniquely different and so each has their own views based on their life experiences. The only common generalization about Life is that it is a continuous cycle of happy times and times of pain – suffering. I am sure almost everyone will more or less agree with it. Why this cycle is necessary for the beings born on the earth?

Just like everyone else, as I was growing up, I experienced struggles and happy times as part of being human. The life has been a massive up and down of waves from a very young age. I have been through depression about not being good enough, heart breaks, death of loved ones, financial crisis, divorce, abuse, hurts from friends, break ups, betrayal, day to day struggle to survive and so on. At every stage of my life, I had a different understanding of what life is about. At this time when I write this, I feel that the earthly life is more about purification of soul and growing within as a person, Self-discovery via healing and finally learn unconditional love of self and others. Even though I managed to overcome many past struggles and kept moving on with my life, I have been carrying the hurts deep within me about which I wasn’t even aware for so many years. There came a breaking point in my life when life threw me into a freaky dark hole of fearful loneliness hitting me to the rock bottom. It was the start of a conscious self-healing journey. All the incidents and pain from past started to surface at different times. I decided to capture all of the good times and times of pain when those deeply rooted old wounds within me from past kept surfacing. This book contains different short stories and poetry. Every time I had been through a painful experience and it was captured in words, I discovered some part of me. Most of the stories and poetry have spiritual message as a conclusive end. Few stories have been written during the happy times as well. Here with this, I am sharing a precious piece of my heart and soul. Happy reading !

About the author(s)

Sonam Jagad is an IT professional; born in India (year 1980) and currently living in London. Writing has fascinated her since her childhood time. She wrote the different chapters of this book at particular phase of her life. Apart from reading and writing, Sonam is very much interested in exploring different cultures and arts, dancing (jive and street hip-hop). Yoga and meditation are part of her routine activities that has helped her stay balanced in the uphill and downhill times of her life. There came a breaking point in her life which knocked her down and she hit the rock bottom. She realised that in order to be at peace within self, it is important to resolve the inner conflicts and heal the past wounds/scars in the heart. From thereon, she has started a conscious healing journey of self by spending more time in solitude. This is her first book with short stories and poetry and it purely reflects the state of mind at that particular time when they were written.

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Sonam Jagad
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