How to be Lucky and Successful in Life

How to be Lucky and Successful in Life

Blessed Life

by Sumit Kumar Sirkar (2 reviews, add another)
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Description of "How to be Lucky and Successful in Life"

This book has been written on the basis of real life personal experiences as the author was facing trying challenges of misfortune, poverty and poor social conditions. He had to stand up on his feet, fight his misfortune and win the battle of life. So he searched and researched for more than 34 years searching answer to the question, 'why is somebody lucky and why is somebody unlucky and what can be done to become lucky' and succeeded in discovering the mystery behind good fortune...The book gives detailed account of real and tested tips on how to be lucky and successful in life. The author is now well placed in life and is a senior executive in government owned company.

About the author(s)

Born in 1953 in a village called Lilluah in Howrah District of West Bengal, India in a poor refugee family. His father worked as a soldier in the Indian Air Force. Born with several incurable and congenital diseases like nystagmus, hormonal mis-balance of serotonin, for which he found himself incapable of performing his normal routine work and studies etc. So he was condemned by everyone as useless and good for nothing. He found no one knew how he could be helped. Then he started his own search and discovered how to become lucky and successful in life. Now he is well placed in life and is a senior executive in a government owned company.

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Reviews of "How to be Lucky and Successful in Life"
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Re: How to be Lucky and Successful in Life by nandpritish123
20 July 2010 - 4:18pm

This is a fantastic book...really great...reminds of Dale Carnegie. This is recommended for young people who are struggling to make the most of their lives.


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