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Description of "TU HI TU"

Tiger….Is this what you have become now? Because you were not like this before. You were a lot of things but you were never deliberately cruel to anyone.

Tum kya ho? Kaun ho? Meri chulbuli toh tum ho nahi. She was like a waterfall and you…you are some still silent lake and I don't even know how deep that lake is! Woh kahaan chaligayi?

These are the questions that plague Nisha and Manav when they meet after 10 years. Have Manav and Nisha truly changed so much from their former selves that they seemingly appear to be strangers to each other? Once very close friends, in spite of being 15 years apart, these two are separated because of events that impact Manav and everyone around him leaving him feeling embittered, disillusioned and betrayed by all and one among them dead. One stroke of fate has left him devoid of all his friends, his love and even the life that he knew till then.

This is the story of Manav and Nisha aka Tiger and Chulbuli who come face to face after 10 years. Fate, which separated them once, brings them in front of each other again. How will they come to terms with the past? Will the murderer be caught? Will Manav manage to forgive and rebuild his former life among his family and friends? What the truth reveals forms the rest of the story, where murder and intrigue are cleverly woven with love, anger, deceit and friendship.

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Reviews of "TU HI TU"
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Re: TU HI TU by Rajeev Saxena
22 June 2013 - 11:40am

Nice effort from Suvika...the story appears easy to start with. The bitterness of Manav can be well related to, and that too by his closest buddies!! Manav, consumed by revenge, initially appears like a cold-hearted person towards his wife, and she yearns for his acceptance...till then it looks like a girl meets boy sort of happy Bollywood story. A muirder case is reopened after 10 yrs...And then the suspense grips you, and doesn't leave you till you finish the book, which I believe anyone would do in one sitting...I would just call this an Indianized version of Alfred Hitchcock. A must read...especially during a travel.

Re: TU HI TU by deepali gupta
15 June 2013 - 9:55am

Suvika's Tu Hi Tu is one of the best romantic suspense book available. Her skill is in creating amazing stories with captivating characters. Romance is always front and center; however, there is always plenty of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. I find myself devouring her books as fast as my eyes can read. This story is pure reading pleasure for anyone who loves romance and suspense.
With a blunt, sassy cast of characters you’ll never forget, this is a riveting debut you won’t be able to put down.
Manav was one of the prime suspects for his girl friend's murder. Betrayed by his own friends, he leaves his town to reinvent himself. Now, ten years later, he has returned to avenge them all. As soon as Nisha and Manav see one another, sparks fly. But Manav hasn’t let himself fall for a girl in a long time, and he isn’t sure whether he can trust Nisha. As events take a turn , Manav finally discovers his true feelings about Nisha.........as he unveils the truth about the murderer!

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