Beyond Mysteries Comic

Beyond Mysteries Comic

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by Swapnil Saurya (write a review)
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Description of "Beyond Mysteries Comic"

Hi, I am Swapnil, a totally normal guy of a totally normal city Pune. I study here in higher secondary school. Today is a very special day for us at school. We are excited about the annual camping trip. There are rumours that Mr. Manish, our class teacher, is going to bring the notice today. I don’t know why they send the formal notices so late we have been discussing about this camping trip for ages. We have planned it a thousand times and had a big debate on where we will go. But the decision has been made by our teachers and today fi nally we will come to know where we are going. I have been thinking about places like Goa with its sunny beaches and coconut trees or Simla a cool hill station in the midst of the clouds. Another option is Ooty with its fabulous landscapes or can it be Jaipur with its palaces and monuments. But no one can predict the decision of the teachers they are the most unpredictable people in the world and they always do the unexpected and leave us in shock. It was quite natural for me to get late for school. Actually we were always late for school and it was always Soumya’s fault. Soumya my friend went to school together since we are neighbours and he always made me late to school. Now even the teachers are used to it and did not punish us. But today something extremely rare thing happened, Soumya came on time. May be everyone is

About the author(s)

Swapnil Saurya is a very special and gifted kid. His battle with the cerebral palsy began as umbilical cord was disconnected from his mother. Inspite of his ongoing battle with life, he stands out as an icon of inspiration for millions of children who are suffering from cerebral palsy and their family members. He hails from Madhubani, Bihar and currently lives in Goa with his parents. He is studying in B Sc and his favourite subject is computers. His writing career started at the age of ten with a few articles which were published in the newspaper. This book is a science fiction and he is also working on science - fiction. He practices OSHO meditation techniques which help him overcome his disability and lead a happy and normal life.

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