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The book talks about the importance of financial planning and covers various financial products relating to banking,post office, insurance,mutual fund,capital market and other miscellaneous products with pros and cons.It also covers personal taxation with upto date information including the proposed changes in recent budget.It is well said that the money without planning is money soon gone. Financial Literacy is the first step towards Financial Planning.With inflation and taxes being our fait accompli,the value of our income is being eroded very fast.The only answer to this predicament is proper financial planning through financial literacy.

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A retired Asst. General Manager from State Bank of India (SBI), having worked in India and abroad (on deputation) in different capacities for 35 years. Handled various assignments in banking related areas successfully. He has a degree in science with honours, and certification from Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (CAIIB). He has also to his credit diploma in financial management (DFM) from Mumbai University. After retirement from SBI he completed post graduate diploma in financial advising (PGDFA) from IIBF with distinction and also achieved certification (CFPCM) from Financial Planning Standard Board of India. Post retirement he was associated with IFBI as a faculty in banking, finance, mutual fund, insurance etc. Presently he is working as freelance financial advisor and has been conducting ‘financial literacy awareness’* programmes for common investors. He is also associated with reputed institutions as a consultant in HR and finance related areas.

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Re: FINANCIAL LITERACY by checkout_newstuff
24 April 2013 - 6:07pm

One of the great books to treasure for common person. I have gone through it and I think it covers anything and everything that would fall under the gamut "Financial Literacy". Very good read for common person as many times we are not even aware of some of the financial terms & concepts and sometimes filled with wrong notions..The book helps to clear all the cloudy areas one gets confused with and hence to take their financial decisions more intellectually. Recommend in every household.

Re: FINANCIAL LITERACY by sforsarang
14 March 2013 - 8:23pm

I have had the good fortune of being a witness to the transformation of vast knowledge, years of experience and proven expertise all put together into the 'simplest-of-all' literature that I have ever read on a seemingly complex subject as finance in the form of this book. Being a financial illiterate myself for the most part of my life so far, I found the presentation on financial terminologies and concepts in this book simple for a layman to understand. Every aspect of our day-to-day finance has been covered with attention to detail and strong emphasis has been given on providing suitable examples from real life finance scenarios with extremely familiar personas like you and me. In my honest opinion, this is a must have book in every household and I strongly recommend it especially for the tax paying salaried employees with monthly fixed incomes, IT professionals with a couple of trips abroad for work or pleasure, newly employees category and students in the economic domain.

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