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Divine Mother abides in Sri Chakra. This is also known as Sri Yantra and Chakra-raja. This is the most supreme amongst all the yantra-s. Uttara bhag (the chapter containing the benefits of recitation, also known as phalashruti) of Lalita Trishati elucidates Sri Chakra in a comprehensive manner. Sri Chakra is the body of Shiva and Shakti. Sri Chakra is compared to a human body and Shiva and Shakti are compared to the soul within. Sri Chakra is full of life and energy and should be worshipped with great reverence. Any god or goddess can be worshipped in Sri Chakra, as all of them have a place in it.

The book has three sections. First section is titled “Journey to Sri Chakra”. This part elaborately deals with Sri Nagara the outer portion of Sri Chakra. We can enter Sri Chakra only after crossing Sri Nagara, which has several forts guarded by different gods and goddesses. Our journey to Sri Chakra begins from Sri Nagara. During this journey, we worship various gods, goddesses, sages and saints. We also come across various rivers, ponds, forests and gardens. When we have traversed through Sri Nagara, we are able to see Sri Chakra and we continue our journey towards the innermost triangle after passing through various devi-s guarding Lalitambika by remaining in various triangles of Sri Chakra. We worship them and finally proceed to the innermost triangle where we are completely purified. Inside the triangle, we are blessed to have darshan of Lalitambika. After spending sometime at Her feet She takes us to Shiva in the Bindu to get us liberated.

The second section of the book deals with Navavarana Puja. Every aspect of mantras is explained in detail by quoting references form Lalita Sahasranama and other sacred Scriptures. This part of the book is a complete guide to perform navavarana puja and all the mantras with explanations and images are given. This section of the book is eloborate, as it contains mantras, images and explanations and detailed procedure for performing the Navavarana puja.

Third and final section of the book is Bhavanopanishad. Bhavana means imagination or formation of a concept in the mind. Like any other Upanishad, this Upanishad also does not deal with practices. It helps us to contemplate our body with Sri Chakra. There are totally thirty seven verses (some texts call these as sutra-s). Detailed interpretations are given for all the sutras. At the end of this portion, we will be able to contemplate our body as Sri Chakra.

Entire book consists of both Sanskrit and English texts. English texts are given in IAST format so that, those who are not conversant with Sanskrit can pronounce the mantras properly. Pronunciation guide is also provided.

This book can be acclaimed as an encyclopaedia of Sri Chakra.

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