A commentary on the Malabar Manual written by William Logan Vol 2

A commentary on the Malabar Manual written by William Logan Vol 2

by VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS (write a review)
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Genre: Social Science, History
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Description of "A commentary on the Malabar Manual written by William Logan Vol 2"

William Logan's Malabar is popularly known as ‘Malabar Manual’. It is a huge book of more than 500,000 words.

It might not be possible for a casual reader to imbibe all the minute bits of information from this book. However, in this commentary of mine, I have tried to insert a lot of such bits and pieces of information, by directly quoting the lines from ‘Malabar’.

On these quoted lines, I have built up a lot of arguments, and also added a lot of explanations and interpretations. I do think that it is much easy to go through my Commentary than to read the whole of William Logan's book 'Malabar'. However, the book, Malabar, contains much more items, than what this Commentary can aspire to contain.

This book, Malabar, will give very detailed information on how a small group of native-Englishmen built up a great nation, by joining up extremely minute bits of barbarian and semi-barbarian geopolitical areas in the South Asian Subcontinent.

William Logan has claimed the authorship of this book. There are locations where other persons are attributed as the authors of those specific locations. The tidy fact is that the whole book has been tampered with or doctored by many others who were the natives of this subcontinent. Their mood and mental inclinations are found in various locations of the book. The only exception might be the location where Logan himself has dealt with the history writing. More or less connected to the part where the written records from the English Factory at Tellicherry are dealt with.

His claim, asserted or hinted at, of being the author of the text wherein he is mentioned as the author is in many parts possibly a lie.
The book Malabar ostensibly written by William Logan does not seem to have been written by him. It is true that there is a very specific location where it is evident that it is Logan who has written the text. However, in the vast locations of the textual matter, there are locations where it can be felt that he is not the author at all. There are many other issues with this book.

In this Commentary, I have inserted a lot of images from other sources. Beyond that, it might be possible that at least some of the images taken from the scanned file copy of the original Malabar Manual are grainy and blurred.

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About the author(s)

VED from VICTORIA INSTITUTIONS is a penname that I built up over the years.

My writings all have a specific tone, with very definite features. They start from the premises that languages are software applications. Each language has specific designs inside them. Languages like English are planar, while certain CEuropean, Asian/African &c. languages .could be very feudal.

Feudal languages do affect everything about human beings in a very draconian and diabolic manner.

From this premise, my ideas, based on long-term study and observations, was that this very Reality is a creation of some superior software. Moreover, language codes can and do connect with the Codes of reality. Through language codes and their various effects on human being and on reality, one can possibly find a route to observe and study the codes of reality.

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