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Description of "Paayal@Marriage.com"

In the Indian milieu, the boy and girl fall in love but the parent rebels. What if the tables turn with the parents wanting their children to fall in love and the children rebel? The result is an intriguing tale…

Paayal is a well educated, well employed and extremely independent girl who is not too eager to settle down in matrimony. Her parents, Jyotsna and Narayanan, are criticised by society for not fulfilling their parental responsibility of getting her married. The final straw in the matter is when their younger son gets married. Jyotsna is totally devastated.
She finds a sliver of hope when she meets her long lost friend, Rama, who has an eligible son, Ajay. Jyotsna and Rama create situations that would make Ajay and Paayal fall in love and eventually marry. They find the going tough because Ajay and Paayal are totally divergent in their tastes and outlook. Will Jyotsna’s prayers be answered ?

Delicately written and honestly told, the book is a pleasant and diverting read - Shashi Tharoor

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Vijaya Easwar is a seasoned IT professional. In her debut novel, she draws upon her experiences of the industry and depicts the concerns of the modern society.

She may be contacted at vijaya.easwar@gmail.com

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Reviews of "Paayal@Marriage.com"
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Re: Paayal@Marriage.com by KK
18 November 2013 - 9:13pm

Author has weaved the story like a bird's nest, so soft in touch, with real situations opening up in natural rhythm. One could imagine the panoramic view of the scenes behind - such a detailed description covering even minute aspects of the situation.

No exaggeration of the situation. No extra fitting in the story line quite needed characters alone presented. Lead characters depicted in the story are living models who can be easily identified in each family today.

Like the rose bud that blossoms in the chill morning, it's fragrance wafting in the air, author has tried to do a postmortem of the pshychological mind of the hero...oscillating between the natural desire and the forced boundaries of the technical world. Author has deep dived into the inner mind of the heroine trying to sail the sea of uncertainty.

Kudos to her debut novel, well written...keep the ink flowing...waiting for the next arrival...

Re: Paayal@Marriage.com by dsubramoni
14 November 2013 - 11:53pm

This story is too good: the story line, plot and most importantly the narration and flow. The story build up, the different situations the autor sets up are very neat. Being in a similar field of work,I could relate to the different characters in the story and could empatise with the parents as well! The twists and turns were very interesting and keeps the reader on his/her toes, wondering what is going to happen next! I am eagerly waiting for the next book by Vijaya and wish her all the best.

First impression may not always be the best impression! by jayzmail
12 November 2013 - 4:44pm

Kudos to the author first for daring to deviate from the usual "boy meets girls, falls in love, parents oppose" plot. From the very first chapter, the plot unfolds at a rapid pace and rides high on emotions like love, betrayal, compassion & dejection - all in the right proportions. The novel also reflects the depth and breadth of the author's experiences and the finesse in narration is extraordinary for a debutant novelist! Laced with intelligent humour throughout, the novel makes for an interesting weekend read!

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