Rise and Fall of gods

Rise and Fall of gods

In Historical Perspective

by Yussouf Shaheen (write a review)
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Description of "Rise and Fall of gods"

For the first time, "mythology - gods and goddesses" have been brought together into the fold of "history." It is entirely a new academic research work, inviting universities and colleges worldwide to read the book.

The book "Rise and Fall of gods" while rejecting mythology and restoring the missing links in human history, revolves around all the major religions of the past, in the historical perspective of myriad gods and goddesses, then worshipped by our forefathers, throughout the course of history. Although the historians have dumped this essential part of our history, in the ‘waste box’ now known as "mythology," declaring these religions as false and based on mere fiction and fables. In fact, the religions of the past cannot be equated with fiction, because of the role they have played in human history. The Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian or Assyrian gods and goddesses were historically worshiped for over a millennium. The Greek gods and goddesses remained historically alive, effective and powerful too for over five centuries. The commandments of the Roman gods and goddesses were followed continuously for over twelve hundred years, in the whole of the Roman world, stretching across two million square miles around Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of human lives were sacrificed for Roman as well as Greek gods and goddesses. One need not ignore the fact that the people since times immemorial have been worshipping their gods and goddesses in just the same way as we do ours. It had been the conviction of our forefathers that they were on the right path, as we consider ourselves to be now. They provided authoritative accounts of their faith, as well as of their gods and goddesses. Neither they had any proof to fully support their claims, nor do we really have such proof now. The religions of the past, though they have now disappeared, had a vital role in our history. We can find the roots of our cultures, laws and the traditions in these expired religions.

About the author(s)

A former senator of Pakistan, Yussouf Shaheen received the Pride of Performance award in literature from the president of Pakistan in 1995. He is a prominent poet, writer, research scholar and a journalist from Sindh, Pakistan. He has written twelve books in Sindhi, Urdu and English relating to subjects of world history, theology, linguistics and economics. He was the first journalist of Pakistan who was arrested by the Marshal Law Regime of General Ziaul Haq in 1977 and tried by a Military Court for his bold statement criticizing Marshal Law. One of his books “William the Bastard and his descendants” was also published in the United States.

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