Write Your Love Contest

Winners Declared!

Beyond the fast updating time-lines of Twitter and FaceBook, the constantly tingling IM messages and the ever ringing cell phones, there exists a world far slower. A world where time moves slowly and emotions don’t need to be compressed in 140 characters. This is the world of letters!

Even among letters, love letters hold a special place. Writing a love letter is not for the faint of the heart. The intimacy, the secrecy, the barrage of emotions and most of all the anticipation of the response make it an unforgettable experience. Alas! our busy lives hardly leave us time for such luxuries!

But take a break this Valentine’s day and celebrate the lost art of letter writing with us! Task is simple. Pick up any fictional character whom you have had a crush over and write him/her a passionate love letter! The character could be from a book/movie/TV series etc.


Up to two winning entries get a cash prize of Rs. 1000 each from Pothi.com.


  1. Submit your entry here. You will need to submit the following
    • Your name and e-mail id
    • A brief about the character to whom the love letter is being written. Mention the book/movie containing the character. Also mention any context applicable to the love letter, for example if is being written at a particular stage of the story, after a particular incident or anything else relevant.
    • The actual love letter
    • Any other notes
    • Please DO NOT submit the entries by e-mail or any other method. They will not be considered. Use the submission form on the website.

  2. We will do an initial screening as the entries are received and the filtered ones will be posted on our blog at http://blog.pothi.com
  3. All the entries received until February 10, 2011 will be considered for the competition. Although we may post entries received even after that on the blog, if we find them interesting.
  4. The result will be announced on February 14, 2011 (Valentine’s Day)

Judging Criteria

  • Make us laugh, make us cry. Let your imagination fly! Apart from the assessment of our team, we will also look at the comments received on the love letter on our blog, if any. However, it won't be simply about number of comments. In fact, comments that just say things like good/bad/great/marvellous will not be considered at all. But the comments which will genuinely analyze the entry will be taken in to account.
  • Good language is a must. Otherwise the entry might be rejected at the screening stage itself. If the language is intentionally bad to create some effect in the letter, you should mention it in the notes.

Language of Entries

Entries in English, Hindi and Hinglish are invited. For those writing in Hindi, please type in a Unicode font. You can use tools like Google Transliteration for typing Hindi.

The fine Prints

  • You keep the copyright for the submitted entries. You can publish it elsewhere and do anything with it that you like.
  • By submitting the entry, you grant Pothi.com the perpetual license to use the content (as it is, edited, converted or translated) in any medium for non-commercial or commercial activities.


Queries can be sent to events@pothi.com. Please do not send entries by e-mail though. They will not be considered. Entries to the competition must be submitted online.