Quick Print: PDF to Printed Book in 2 Easy Steps

Tired of reading PDFs on screen? Use Quick Print to get a nice, bound book in your hands.

What is Quick Print?

Quick Print is a special offering from Pothi.com that lets you turn a PDF into a print book without any hassles.

Get Started
How does it work?

Very simply!

  • You upload a PDF
  • Our system checks it and generates a cover instantly
  • You make the payment
  • We produce and ship the printed book to you
How much does it cost?

Cost depends on the number of pages, page size etc. It will be displayed when you upload the file.

Can I print anything?

You can print anything that doesn't violate someone's copyright or any other law. The file should also be technically fit for our production system. You will receive a feedback if it isn't.

How is it different from regular publishing through Pothi.com?

Quick Print is a simpler system meant for printing copies for personal use. It differs from regular publishing in several ways. For example, in Quick Print

  • Cover is auto-generated. You do not need to, and cannot upload a custom cover.
  • Your name/e-mail id will be printed on the cover.
  • Production options like paper type, binding, lamination etc. are fixed.
  • The files are not maintained for reuse or reordering in our system.
  • These books cannot be sold or distributed through Pothi.com.