Selling to Institutional Buyers and Distributors Who are not Our Partners

Your book may be of interest to libraries or to the distributors who are not our partners. We often get queries about how to sell to them. The most common question is – can you, as author, sell to them? The answer is absolutely. It is your book and you are free to sell it to anyone. If the distributors will deal directly with you, you can order the copies at author price from us and ship to them directly. You can raise the invoice directly to them and also negotiate the discounts and credit period. In this case, we do not deal with the buyer.

What if the distributors are not willing to deal with you as an individual? Not a problem. Just make sure that your book is in distribution and they can buy directly from us on advance payment. Since these institutional buyers and distributors will expect trade discounts, copies sold to them are treated as distribution sales and you get the royalty of distribution channels.

If the buyers are not willing to pay in advance, and are not willing to deal with you directly, then we have a separate solution for you. The essence of the solution is that you make the payment to us for the copies they buy at author price. When the payment is made by the buyer, you get back the author price you paid as well as the royalty (at the rate of distribution channels).

Here are the details of how this will work:

  1. The buyer raises a PO (Purchase Order) to us.
  2. You place the order for the books at author price. This can be done directly on (for less than 25 copies) or via email.
  3. Buyer’s address should be the shipping address for this order
  4. You can then choose the mode of payment and make the payment.
  5. Once you have made the payment, the books will be sent for production and shipped to the buyer’s address.
  6. After the credit period, when the payment is received by, you will receive the full payment with royalties.
  7. The royalties applicable will be distribution royalties as these buyers typically expect distribution discounts. You might be eligible for more royalties if the number of copies is more than 500 and is being sold at our regular discount to the buyers.
  8. can’t be held responsible if the buyer doesn’t make the payment. You should understand the risks before going for this option.


If such buyers contact you, you can get in touch with us. Sometimes they contact us directly. In such cases, if we need your involvement, we send you an e-mail. Please respond to such e-mails promptly to facilitate smooth transaction.