Shubhanand (Writer & Publisher, Sooraj Pocket Books)

I'm very thankful to Pothi.com - Jaya & Abhaya - for making my dream come true. I was writing since my childhood and they provided me the platform to reach an audience. It's always a different feeling as a writer when you know so many people are connecting to your thoughts by reading your creations. By creating this platform you've given opportunity to every writer to get read.

Arti Honrao

I was introduced to Pothi.com when I was searching online for self-publishing options in India; similar to Lulu.com.

Since that day, Pothi.com has played a very important role in my life as a writer.

I have self-published a few books using this platform and have also listed my already printed books for sale here.

Exactly one year ago, I started an online magazine with a friend of mine (Writer's Ezine: http://www.writersezine.com) and after six month of our journey we decided to compile six issues and make a print magazine. Approaching a traditional printer for the same was impossible due to their minimum requirement of copies; Pothi.com came to the rescue and WE's first print magazine was printed by Pothi.com.

Two more print magazines followed this one.

Considering that I have been using Pothi.com platform for such a long time; it goes without saying that I am very happy with their services. To list them:

  • Pothi.com has made self-publishing easier with Publishing tools for writers. Their 'estimate the price of the book' feature helps to figure out the basic printing price as well as the royalty and final price for selling on pothi.com and extended platforms. They have services for writers like editing, cover designing etc. I use their cover designing package, even though Pothi.com does give option of free covers. I prefer custom made covers and so far, Pothi.com team has delivered the best and that too without too much delay. Fast and best service is what makes the money spent worth.
  • POD service does not have any minimum requirement of copies. You want one - you get one. Without any compromise on the quality.
  • Talking about Quality - All those who have purchased my books and given me feedback have mentioned the print quality and the paper quality even before commenting on the content. Initially a few people did think the cost of the book was on the higher side; but after receiving their copies they wrote to me specifically stating that they take back their words. The quality of the book deserves the price the book is sold for.
  • Pothi.com teams members are co-operative and kind. My experience has been that they have answered the silliest query I might have. We all know how much that means to the one who asks questions.
  • The distribution feature of Pothi.com makes it easier for the authors to reach out to platforms like Flipkart and Amazon without any efforts or headache. Just buy the package, relax and wait to hear from Pothi.com that the book is available on Flipkart, Amazon and a few more platforms.


  • It would really mean a lot to people like me who often use Pothi.com services if we could have our own page on Pothi.com where we can list all our books for people to visit and buy.
Garrett Robinson

Thank you very much for the services you provide here at Pothi.com.

Because of you, I have been able to make my print books available in India at an affordable price — something I was not able to achieve with any other company.

Today I posted a video about your company and telling people about the services you provide, as a small way of saying thank you. You may find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYOP9yDdQU0

I look forward to many years of publishing and selling books through your website.

Sanujit Ghose

My association with Pothi is quite long.

They published my two books in course of last year and a half and got them through digital edition for the international distributors like Amazon and Flipkart for sale.

The Pothi team team is so nice and so prompt that I have no word to put enough praise for all of them.