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God has given us one mouth and two ears. Many people take that as a hint from God to speak less & listen more but they promptly ignore it. The result is in front of you – just tune into any news channel and you will see.

With blogs, the situation becomes slightly more controversial since God not only granted us two hands but also eight fingers and two thumbs to the tops. And thus were launched millions of blogs, most abandoned shortly after beginning when everybody realized that the big guy had taken them for a ride. We were no wiser when jumping on to the bandwagon almost as soon as started and then leaving it shortly afterward.

In those months since starting, we discovered Facebook, we discovered Twitter and that kept the interaction going. We announced events, uploaded pictures, told you about interesting titles coming up on and converted you into followers and fans. While all that was great, we now feel that sometimes we have more substantial things to say, to discuss and to seek your advice on. These things are hard to wrap up in 140 characters and are hard to discuss while harvesting crops and throwing sheep. And so it is back to the blog.

Through this blog, we not only want to share our experience on building a publishing startup in India but also share information and insights about Indian publishing industry, book market and authors. We want to give back to the community and also keep learning loads from it. A lot of very interesting things are lined up at, the first one being our participation in Bangalore Book Festival starting 6th Nov. So that is where we will be starting.

Stay tuned!

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