Blog is now Book!

With the advent of new year, we are starting out in a very exciting direction! After 6 months in closed beta, we have finally opened BookSmith, our blog2book tool, for everyone. If you have not tried it yet, convert your blog right away and be amazed :).

The tool is very simple. You just give it the blog url and then click along. In minutes, you have your beautiful ready to print book available for preview. If you like what you see, you can buy just as many copies as you want. As we say here at, print 1 for that special someone, 10 for the family, 100 for the friends and 1000 for the world :).ย For the digital junkies among you, it also creates a e-book out of the same content which you can download and distribute absolutely free.

Did I mention you can select which posts go into the book – latest n or by date range, leave out certain posts (we all make mistakes ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and also reorder them? So you can create a book out of your best posts till date and give it to the new readers coming to your blog or may be just collect all the posts from one category into a book. Tools are all there, you are only limited by your imagination (with a few exceptions which we are hard at work to remove as soon as possible)!

Here is wishing a very happy new year to everyone! Do give your feedback and suggestions by leaving a comment below, tweeting to @pothidotcom or by dropping us a mail.

5 thoughts on “Blog is now Book!”

    1. Hi RK,

      Right now, Indic languages are not supported in BookSmith. Some of the tools we are using for generating PDFs do not play well with scripts requiring complex rendering. Unfortunately, it will take sometime before we start supporting them fully.

      Thanks a lot for checking out BookSmith and writing about it. We will inform you as soon as we make further progress on this.


      1. Thanks for the update, Abhaya. Very well appreciated.

        The Blog2Book site is working, created the PDF successfully and able to download without any issues.

        I tried it for around 7-9 books with different options and every thing went well even though I didn’t see Telugu properly but posts in English or with images were processed successfully.

        Please try it out. This is a GREAT site for sure.

        FYI : Right now it’s not able to recognize the Indic(Telugu) Fonts but try this for any posts in English.

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