COMIX.INDIA Vol. II on Preorder (20% Discount)

COMIX.INDIA Vol IICOMIX.INDIA Vol II is now available for Preorder. There are a total of 12 entries in the volume containing 320 pages. Preorders are open till July 12, 2010. You can use the coupon code POCICOL and get a 20% discount!

Since this vol has grown up to 320 pages, we also created 2 smaller books each having 6 entries. If you want, you can buy one of the two smaller volumes which contain 164 pages each. These smaller books are available at 10% discount.

Check out more about COMIX.INDIA on their website.

COMIX.INDIA Vol II only became possible because of the combined effort of a dozen contributors, an editor and a designer. Read on to know more about this awesome bunch. Should we call them the Daring Dozensome?

E. P. Unny grew up in Palakkad, Kerala. He’s been a professional cartoonist since 1977, with The Hindu, Sunday Mail, The Independent, Newstime, Business Standard, and The Economic Times. Since 1996, he’s been the Chief Political Cartoonist of The Indian Express. His books include “Spices & Souls, A Doodler’s Journey through Kerala” and “Business as Usual”, a collection of Indian Express cartoons. He won the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Indian Institute of Cartooning.

Jai Iyer heads a technology startup by day and turns into cape-clad comic creator by night. He lives in Bangalore, and lists among his superpowers the ability to summon autorickshaws at will. Visit his website at

Lavanya Karthik writes, draws and lives her comics in Mumbai.

Shreyas Deshpande is an artist based in Pune. He has a keen interest in Comics and Animation, and does the former for fun and the latter as a job. He also wonders why he is writing about himself in the third person.

Sudeep Menon is a still drawing stories, and expects more insanity to follow.

Vinay Brahmania graduated from JJ School Of Applied art in 1987 specialised in illustration. Along with two business partners, he heads a small creative workshop in munbai, called Fast Forword Advertising. He’s always been interested in graphic novels, and that is exactly what he sees himself doing in the near future.

P Narendra is in his 13th year of imprisonment. He is hopeful of a release soon. He believes that unless you try anything, you can never be sure how good you are, and that is precisely what pushed him to drawing his comic. He is a vivid music listener, and loves playing the violin.

Rimi B. Chatterjee is a academic and novelist of two books – 2005’s Signal Red, a science-fiction story, and 2007’s The City Of Love, which was shortlisted for the Vodafone Crossword Book Award. Her third novel, Black Light, is due out in 2010. Empires of the Mind, her academic history of Oxford University Press’s relations with India before 1947, won the SHARP de Long Book Prize in 2006. She teaches English at Jadavpur University and is working on a graphic novel titled Kalpa: Shadowfalls. She writes at

Sumit Kumar was supposed to be an Computer Science Engineer before he interned at Cartoonist Pran’s studio. He has written for Savita Bhabhi, performs stand-up in delhi and works with Random Magazine. He’s pissed off with the average family life, education system and the President-Aunty Pratibha Patil.

Meghana Kulkarni is a 26 year old architect, who’s called Pune her hometown since the last 8 years. She started drawing comics at the age of 10, but rediscovered the art when she started studying architecture. She’s a D-I-Y freak, and enjoys hanging around with her friends, cycling, reading and photography.

Nandita Basu pretends to be a pianist, sometimes a writer, sometimes a graphic artist and sometimes an animator. Her book Rory And Tusker was published in 2003. She’s been lucky enough to have had short animations feature in various festivals last year. Currently, she’s in the process of realizing an original composition of some blues-jazz music with a few friends.

Shishir Naik is a Mumbai-based freelance illustrator / visual developement artist. He graduated from Sir JJ Institue of Applied Art with a BFA. He’s worked as a character designer / storyboard artist / animator on the animated feature film Hanuman, and on various other episodic projects for Silverline Animation. He’s online at

Rajarshi Sengupta is pursuing his M.F.A. (printmaking) from the S.N. School University of Hyderabad. He can be reached on

Vivek Goel was once employed with the merchant navy, but decided that he didn’t like it there and took up the study of the arts. He is is currently illustrating his first creator-owned project – Rayanayan, and is working with Level 10’s JUMP Magazine. He can be contacted on

Aditya Bidikar has been writing since he was 11, and hasn’t yet learnt how to stop. He currently works as a translator and writes bits and bobs (including short stories and comics) in his free time. He can be contacted on

Bharath Murthy currently makes non-fiction videos for a living, but hopes to earn a living writing comics as well. He is working on a book of ‘essay comics’. His website is and you can mail him on

Kailash Iyer considers himself a design student, even though his degree says Bachelors in IT and Masters in Communication Management. He doesn’t like early mornings, and sometimes wishes he were a base-jumper or a clock-maker. Occasionally, he considers updating his online portfolio at Perhaps by the time the next issue rolls out, he would have.

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