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  1. I appreciated the analytic thoughts and creative ideas for a future of written words, particularly an entertaining fiction and poetry books.

    I am not a fiction writer or a poet but just a writer of self help books in view of science and spirituality. I would like to add some more thoughts for the novels and poem written for other than entertainment in the thread provided by Jaya Jha posting her best provocative blog.

    Though the word and picture are co-related, they have their independent effects and needs. Word creates imagination in a reader’s mind, which is subjective and that gives creativity and satisfaction. TV, Video give already created image so viewer just follows it. However, it may empower viewer for a lateral thinking but definitely it kills creativity. A movie gives the similar image to all viewers but novel gives the freedom to create an image as he or she likes. Living a part of life in imagination seems a psychological need of a human being. So picture will never replace the word. History shows words are living parallel with the flood of videos and music in the western world.

    In India reading habit is low from beginning in comparison to western world due to many reasons e.g. higher socialism, life style and traditions of people etc., Further, modern world consumes more time of human being in extensive traveling and increased working hours, giving less time for reading. Moreover, writing became easy due to development of electronic writings. Therefore, supply might have increased than demand, which could have manifested the situation of moaning for the authors.

    Western world is developed and we are developing country. So it is easy to forecast our future position here. What is going in Europe and America today will be here tomorrow. Novels are read there extensively so same situation will be here, but I don’t know when, perhaps author’s children will eat the fruits!
    Wishing a best future to all Authors.

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