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Image for decorative purpose.Quote: Every time I read a great book I felt I was reading a kind of map, a treasure map, and the treasure I was being directed to was in actual fact myself.

A mind map is an effective tool, especially for students and strategists.

All you need to create a mind map is paper, markers and color pencils. You can also doodle on your iPad and chart out your central goal, building your sub-goals around it.

Mind maps are great aids for product design, company planning and even meetings. They are great student aids, allowing young learners to organize thoughts and make the crucial connections that are so important to learning.

Writers mind map a great deal, especially while writing fiction, sequels and screenplays. The best part about a mindmap is that you can list items in no particular order and make colorful annotations. MindMeister is an interesting mind-mapping tool.

How to Use MindMeister?

MindMeister dashboard
A map designed using MindMeister
  • Login to MindMeister’s web app.
  • Click on + New Mind Map and select one of the templates from the list to get started.
  • Click on the plus sign to start the mapping process.
  • Once you double click you can add the first level idea and on pressing enter add subtopics.
  • There is a map limit of 3 maps for a Basic MindMeister user. For unlimited mind maps, you can switch to the paid plan.

Why Use MindMeister?

  • It’s user-friendly.
  • It offers fun formatting features.
  • The drag and drop feature helps you move ideas around.
  • Maps are instantly saved and so you don’t lose anything.
  • You can share your maps with friends and colleagues.

Recommended or not?

A fun tool. Try it.

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