Books about Friendship on International Friendship Day

After books, friends are the best! This International Friendship day, we thought we would hunt down some books that feature friendship. There will be many more books that we can add to this list, so feel free to mention this in the comments and share this post with your besties.

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The Interestings is a story that unwinds from the Me-decade, the disco 70s. What happens when some of the friends in a close-knit group end up being super successful?

Quote about friendshipAmir and Hassan fly kites together in Kabul but their destinies are very different. Read The Kite Runner if you haven’t already.

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Explore the biological, psychological, and evolutionary foundations of friendship in the non-fiction book  Friendship. From tribal life to corporate cubicles, friendship has been an essential part of social life.

Quote about friendshipAn unputdownable saga of friendship set in the backdrop of Naples, Italy in the 1960s. Read My Brilliant Friend and the rest of the Neopolitan novels.

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A cute and cuddly friendship-special comic book. It’s a book you will adore!

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