Author Resource: Get Creative with Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator ✏️

If you are a writer of non-fiction or the author of a blog, after the initial euphoria of writing, you may run out of things to say. How can you become a prolific blogger or writer?

All you really need is a little bit of inspiration. Hubspot’s Blog Ideas Generator helps by providing you some clues once you provide some basic inputs.

How does Hubspot Blog Generator Work?

It’s easy to use this idea generator.  Go to the website. Add five nouns that you plan to write about and click ‘Give me ideas’. Then five topics are generated. For more ideas, you can create an account.

screengrab of Hubspot Blog Topic Generator
Hubspot Blog Generator

Recommended or Not?

Interesting tool if you are stuck and in need of a prompt or suggestion to help you frame a blog post. Not all suggestions may work but it may help if you are planning a detailed blog post calendar and need a roster of topics planned.


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