Distribution of stalls across the halls in 19th World Book Fair at Delhi

Delhi World Book Fair is spread across several halls. Information may be difficult to find and hence the stalls you are looking for may be difficult to locate. Following may be useful to some of you

  1. Hall 1 & 2: English Language Publishers
  2. Hall 3, 4, & 5: English Language Distributors
  3. Hall 6: Science & Technology Publishers & Distributors
  4. Hall 7: Social Sciences Publishers & Distributors
  5. Hall 12: Hindi & Other Indian Language Publishers
  6. Hall 14: Children Books Publishers

Pragati Maidan has permanent boards with directions to various halls. So, once you know the hall numbers, reaching the place of your choice should be easy.

Delhi World Book Fair – Location


Delhi World Book Fair is spread across several halls in Pragati Maidan and finding the right hall can be a bit of challenge. Just a quick note that we are in hall number 1 – which has English Language Publishers. Our location is Stand No. 2S-12. But don’t try to look for that number. It would be difficult. Instead look for the space between stall nos. 39 and 40 and we are right there!

We are listed as Mudranik Technologies Pvt Ltd. in the stall list. So if you don’t see Pothi.com in the list, don’t panic! 🙂