Online Distribution Services (Pre-Printed Books)

If you have a book you have already printed and want to distribute through us, you can avail our Online Distribution Service.

What does the service provide?

Listing on as well as our partner sites.

Current Partners:

What does the service cost?
  • Rs. 1500 one time set up cost
  • Rs. 1000 yearly renewal cost (waived for the first year currently)
What is the process?
  • Make sure your book has a valid ISBN. If you don't have one, following link provides information on how to get an ISBN from the ISBN agency in India.
  • Fill in the details of your book and make the payment for the Extended Online Distribution Service.
  • Send three copies of the book to the address provided after the payment is complete.
  • The book will be listed on on receipt of the copies.
  • Listing on partner sites will be live in 1-2 weeks after receipt of copies.
  • As and when the copies are sold, we will ask you to send us more copies.
How do the royalties work?

We take 45% of the MRP as trade discount. Rest is remitted to you.

Please check the FAQs related to royalties in our FAQs. Please ensure that your remittance information is updated and correct in your account.

What if I am running out of copies?

Please inform us immediately at so that once we have exhausted the copies with us, we can mark them out of stock.

What if I want to pull out the book from listing?

Please inform us at The book will be delisted from in 3 business days. It may take 4-6 weeks for it to be delisted from partner sites. We will have the rights to fulfil any orders until the delisting happens.

What if I want to get the copies back?

You can get the copies back by paying shipping expenses. Write to us for details.