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Don't let a bad conversion job kill the potential of your ebook. Our carefully crafted ebooks will delight your readers so you can focus on marketing & promotion instead of struggling with ebook errors.

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A badly designed eBook is every self-published author's worst nightmare. We've all seen them: the formatting is off, the headings look bland, and the images are misplaced. Badly formatted eBooks put readers off to the point where the author's message or story is completely lost.

Thankfully, this is an avoidable problem, and one that's eBook Conversion Service is perfectly engineered to solve. By opting for our EPUB and PDF conversion services, you can now make your eBooks available on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing platform, as well as Apple iBooks, with confidence.

100% Quality Assurance

Our ebook creation service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Your  eBook can be quickly and painlessly uploaded onto your chosen platform(s), be it Amazon’s Kindle Publishing programme, or Apple iBooks.
  • A thorough manual Quality Check for each eBook which confirms that every element on every page is exactly where it should be for maximum technical and aesthetic impact.

[Very] Long Term Support

A writer's work is never done, so, naturally, neither is ours. We offer the longest term post-project support you will find anywhere in the world. When you use our service for creating your eBook, you get an unlimited number of revisions for your eBook for next one year absolutely free!

  • Writing a new book, and want to include its information in your existing eBook? Done!
  • Want to update your Author Bio? No problem!
  • Did your book win an award you'd like to mention in the eBook? Right away!
  • Noticed a typo a few months after publishing your eBook? We’ll take it out for you!
In all of the above situations and more, we got you covered!

Service Details

Supported Platforms

Our eBook creation service delivers files meeting the specifications of Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing service and those of the Apple iBooks platform - two of the most accessible platforms for best-selling eBooks on the market today.


For Word to EPUB and Kindle conversion of manuscripts up to 60,000 words, and containing up to 25 images. Rs. 5,000/- + GST 3 business days
For manuscripts that are larger, more elaborate and/ or to be converted from a different format. Rs. 8,500/- + GST onwards. Based on the exact requirements

With our 100% Quality Assurance and the [Very] Long Term Support, you'll be giving your book the chance it deserves. Write to us today to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What formats do you work with in this service?

The most commonly requested services related to eBook creation are:

  1. Word to EPUB conversion
  2. Word to Kindle conversion
  3. Word to PDF conversion
  4. Word to MOBI conversion

Q. Can you convert directly from PDF to EPUB and Kindle formats?

The process of PDF to EPUB conversion varies on a case-by-case basis. We will need to review the nature of your manuscript before we can give you more information. So please send in your manuscript, or a sample thereof, to us at for evaluation.

Q. I have a printed copy of my book, and want to convert it to EPUB. Can you help?

We will need to evaluate your manuscript before we can give you a final quote. Please send us your physical copy, or sample images thereof for evaluation. You can write to us at for more information.

Q. Why can’t I use one of the many free epub conversion services available online?

Such bare-bones automatic conversion typically falls short because the creation of an eBook is a delicate process that requires thoughtful arrangement of the content and manual quality checks after the conversion is completed.

Q. Can you create ebooks in Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Malayalam and Tamil that are supported by KDP?

Absolutely! We handle epub creation for Hindi, Tamil and all other Indian languages supported by KDP. If your book is in a legacy font like Krutidev, we will first convert it to Unicode and then do the ebook conversion so your book is futureproof!

Ready to start? Have more questions? You are just one step away from starting your ebook success journey. Write to us to get started!

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