Preparing Book Interior

Specifications for file submissions

File Formats

Submission in PDF format is best, but other convenient formats are accepted as well.

Accepted formats are:

  • PDF (preferred format)
  • Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx)
  • document (.odt)
  • Staroffice document (.sxw)

It is better to submit your book in the PDF format. Especially if your book includes lots of images in the interior, or is layout-heavy, or uses non-standard fonts, or is in an Indian language, it's better that you convert it to pdf yourself and confirm that the layout is good. You can use Adobe PDF Writer for this purpose. There are also several free tools available for your use, such as cutepdf.

If you are using a program other than Microsoft Office, or Staroffice to typeset your book, please convert it to pdf before submitting.

Please ensure that all fonts are embedded in your PDF file, and that all images are flattened before submission.

The colorspace of the file should be either Grayscale or CMYK. does not make any content changes or additions to the files submitted for publishing. So, make sure that anything you might want printed on the book is included in the file, even the blank pages where needed.

Page Size and Margins

The page size of the file submitted should be the same in which you want it printed. If you have just finished writing your book in a word processor, the page size is likely to be in A4 or letter. You need to change that to the desired page size for printing. Check the standard sizes supported below.

Minimum 0.6" margin should be there around the content on all pages. If you are setting gutter, then minimum margin of 0.5" with 0.25" gutter would work.

Margins only
Margin: 0.6"
Margin: 0.6"
Using gutter & margins
Margin: 0.5"
Gutter: 0.25"
Gutter: 0.25"
Margin: 0.5"

Please note that two pages are shown side-by-side above to demonstrate margin and gutter. The submitted file should not have two pages of the book on one page of the PDF. One page of the PDF should correspond to exactly one page of the book.

Standard Fonts

If you are submitting your files in a non-pdf format, please restrict the fonts used to the following standard fonts. Any other fonts used may not appear correctly in the printed file and may actually spoil the appearance of the book. If you are submitting pdf files, please embed all fonts used in the file.

List of standard fonts

  • Arial
  • Arial Unicode
  • Baskerville Old Face
  • Calibri
  • Century Schoolbook
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Courier
  • Georgia
  • Mangal
  • Palatino Linotype
  • Times New Roman
  • Verdana