Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Vivian Ward

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The letter is addressed to the character played by Julia Roberts in the movie “Pretty Woman”.

The Letter

dear Julia,

I wish I had not met you at all.It is our destiny that made us meet .In my work ,I meet plenty of girls but what is it that I found in you that i have not seen in others.

Definitely not your beauty.You are beautiful of course, but that is not what attracted me to you. Your Talk ,no.Well, now I know, it is you inner beauty. beauty of your heart.You were in a cheap profession but you are not cheap.You had your own personality.You were not for money .When Gere offered you money ,you did not accept it because you knew that you had not earned that money.In this bad bad world, who else will behave the way you did.I fell in love with you when you did not touch the money.At that moment I knew that you were a woman of substance, a woman with a heart of gold.

You looked graceful in the new dresses that you bought.That you are a woman of substance was again demonstrated when In the last scene,Richard Gere comes to your apartment in search of you and not vice versa. Your smile is powerful.The lobby manager in the hotel and the liftman were your admirers even though they knew your background.

That speaks volumes to you earthly behavior. Hats off to you. Valentine,s day is round the corner. I could not help placing my thoughts about you at this time.I love you,Julia.


End of the Letter

Pothi.com’s note

There is a technical issue with the letter. He has mentioned the name of actors, when the name of the characters should have been mentioned. But since the intent was to address the characters themselves, we have put up the letter.

About the character

Julia Roberts in Pretty woman plays the role of a hooker but with a heart of gold. Even when a rich man falls in love with her, she is not carried away by his riches.
She retains her individuality and grace in spite of being in the oldest profession.I  liked her role and I felt I would anyway love her.

How did you like the letter?

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