Down Memory Lane: Once Upon a Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Party 📚

It was in 2015 that we held our first Bring Your Own Book (BYOB) Party. Since is a book company and the founders are devoted readers, the idea was to get people to talk about the books they loved. Unlike a book club where the point of discussion is a single book, at this party, book lovers could choose any book. This made the parties supremely interesting. We had participants from all walks of life- scientists, engineers, start-up founders, lawyers, writers, creatives, colonels, bankers, students, some regulars, many newbies who discussed fiction and non-fiction, movies and food with gusto. Seldom were there awkward silences; sometimes there were even tears and heated discussions.

No genre was exempt. We discussed fiction, mythology, fractured fairytales, crime thrillers, vernacular language books, graphic novels and non-fiction books featuring science, history, poetry,  business and commerce, self-help, spirituality, etc. We also interviewed select participants.

The highlight of our BYOB Parties was the after party where Red Velvet cupcakes and dhokla were served.

Miss those parties! You can visit some of our Bring Your Own Books (BYOB) Party stories here.

On International Mango Festival Day, 8 Book Titles That Feature Mangoes! 🥭

Every year since 1987 on July 9, the International Mango Festival is held in Delhi.  This is a great opportunity for mango gourmands, sellers and growers and a mango product bonanza for visitors. Favorite mango varieties on display are Langda, Malda, Dasheri, Alphonso, Chausa, Sindheri, Himgiri, Bombay Green and many others. Besides the achars, jams and shakes available at kiosks, there are folk song shows featuring mangoes and binge-eating mango contests.

This year the festival remains closed owing to Covid.

As part of honoring the festival this year, we put together a list of some books with Mango in the title and we came across many genres from literary to chicklit. Tell us if there are any more Mango-themed titles featured in your book collection!

House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

The House on Mango Street is a story of childhood and self-discovery. Sandra Cisneros started writing the book as a memoir but the book ended up taking a life of its own and became an exploration of otherness and identity. Read about her writing process here.


The House of Blue Mangoes by David Davidar

A generational saga of three generations of Dorais set in southern India during India’s freedom struggle. The house at Chethavar which is the fulcrum of the book is surrounded by the famous blue mango trees.


A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass

Wendy’s protagonist is a synesthete- she can smell colors and taste shapes. She must learn how to come to terms with her condition as her world is an explosion of the senses.

A Case of Exploding Mangoes

A Case of Exploding Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif

Explosive writing! A Case of Exploding Mangoes is a satirical account of the conspiracies that clouded Zia-ul-Haq’s death. He chooses satire as a medium to expose hard truths and the comic touch to touch on subjects that are very much forbidden fruit.


Climbing the Mango Trees: A Memoir of a Childhood in IndiaClimbing the Mango Trees: A Memoir of a Childhood in India by Madhur Jaffrey

When you pick up a Madhur Jaffrey book, you are sure to be assaulted by a tonne of flavors. This memoir cum recipe account is a culinary autobiography not just of Jaffrey’s own experiences but India’s food journey as well.

Monique and the Mango Rains: An Extraordinary Story of Friendship in a Midwife's House in Mali by [Kris Holloway]Monique and the Mango Rains: Two Years with a Midwife in Mali

Humor laces this book set in a West African village. The protagonist is a midwife who saves young lives and becomes a legend.


The Mango Season by [Amulya Malladi]The Mango Season by Amulya Malladi

Chicklit set with a protagonist from the Indian diaspora. Priya is expected to marry a nice Indian boy but over a mango pickle culinary exercise, she is in a dilemma about whether she should reveal more about her American boyfriend.


Imaculada de Bomba Cabral's Mango Tree and other nonsense talesImaculada de Bomba Cabral’s Mango Tree and other nonsense tales

At the store, we found a title that matches the mango theme- a book of humorous essays with Goa as the protagonist.



Haiku Extravaganza with

There is a pandemic that is raging around us and a lot of things that we have taken for granted have now been postponed indefinitely. So a haiku challenge at felt like the perfect way to alleviate the mood.

A haiku is a seventeen syllable poem usually about nature. The Japanese poet Basho was a famed exponent of this form of poetry. This is a translated haiku by him:

In Kyoto,
hearing the cuckoo,
I long for Kyoto.

When you write a haiku in English, you follow the #fivesevenfive structure which means five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the third line. A syllable is a unit of sound, e.g., the word haiku has two syllables.

What the Pothidotcomers did was frame a haiku each after a small session with me. We then decided to extend the haiku challenge to twitterverse. What started as a one day enterprise turned into a three day haikuthon!

We received over forty submissions and decided to frame each haiku in digitally beautiful picture frames. We got poems about the corona virus, the beauty of nature, summer holidays, folktales and the daily routine of living in pre-Covid times. People from all walks of life emailed us- first time writers, established writers, students, bloggers, teachers, friends….we were simply overwhelmed!

Here are some gems.








For more of these you can check out our twitter moment. Have you ever tried writing haiku and has it lifted your spirits?

Some interesting Love Letters that did not qualify for WYL Contest

Love Letter ImageWe received some love letters, which did not qualify for the contest. But they were interesting nonetheless. We are posting them for your reading pleasure.

From Pierre Curie to Marie Curie

by Saras Ojha

About the character: The writer of this letter is Pierre Curie. Pierre died in a road accident. When Marie learnt about his death, Tears failed to drop from her eyes.  She was immensely shocked and was supposed to deliver a lecture. Pierre writes to Marie , reminding her about the lecture she was now supposed to deliver  after his  sudden death.


The Letter

Dear Marie,

The Sorbonne might ask you to assume my physics chair.  Probably on the day my lecture class is to resume, the room will be crowded with celebrities, politicians, and most of the faculty of the university. There would be even a stenographer ready to record what were sure to be your  historic opening remarks. Upon entering the room, You will meet  with a thunderous round of applause. Without fanfare, you wait  for the applause to subside before speaking. Foregoing all formalities and introductory remarks, you begin your lecture at the very point where I had left off months before.

You remember what I had felt about you when we met for the first time. When I saw you, I noticed your deep interest in science. I had always believed that Science and romance cannot go together. But you , Marie,  made it possible. I had done lots of research over my span of fifteen years but I had never completed a doctorate. But you insisted me to write up my research on magnetism.

I remember the day of our marriage when you instead of a bridal gown you wore a dark blue outfit, which for years after was a serviceable lab garment.  My father always told me that I am lost in dreams. Oops! even , while crossing the road that day, I was dreaming. Actually after working in the laboratory all morning, I braved the heavy rain, umbrella in hand, and traveled across Paris to my  luncheon meeting. There I spoke forcefully on a number of issues that concerned me, including widening career options for junior faculty and drafting legal codes to help prevent laboratory accidents. Hurrying to cross the street, I was run over by a horse-drawn wagon with a load of military uniforms, weighing some six tons. I was killed instantly.

I wish if you could  take care of Irene . I wish if even Irene could win a Nobel prize like us.  And secondly , I would like you to make a laboratory, for which we two always thrived for. You know that a laboratory is not created in a few months with a wave of a magic wand. It requires a sheer pace of work and thought.


End of the Letter

From Romeo, the trainee chef to Juliet, the senior chef

by Mohit Ghildiyal

The Letter

My dearest Miss chef,

I sure in the name of Newzeland Lamb rack , that you are  percious for me like a Beluga Caviar. When you stand in front of me , choping onion does not dare to wet my eyes. Looking at your face remind me of the Californian grapes. Though from outside you are as hard as rare done Lamb Steak, but i know you heart is softer than a Salmon Steak. For me your presence make this dhaba a Michelen star restraunt  in which Gordon Ramsay is a comiis doing Mise-en-place for you now.
If you are a sushi, i will be your soya sauce,
This Trainee will make your heart rock.
If you are a Pancake, i will be your Maple syrup,
No one can change our destiny of love.
If you are Sandwich, i will be your fries,
Loving your junior will not lead to sucide.
If you are a omlette, I will be your toast,
Please be my Valentine, I will never take weekly off.

Romeo Salad

End of the Letter

To Rose from a Bull

By Hemant Soni

The Letter

O my dear Rose

Ever since I saw you standing on the fore peak of titanic, It was like the end of my ocean life. I wanted to be human, yes that was the moment I can never forget.

I know u do not remember me, how can you remember if you don’t know me and also when you had someone (jack) there who loved you may be or may not be more than me.

Let me introduce you to me. I was an unrecognized bull. A bull in water?  No! Not that one you must be thinking about. A male dolphin is called as a bull.

How a fish can love a girl?  See my love this you don’t worry about because anything can happen in fiction.  Just if you can do something then do love me somewhere in the core of your heart and when you come to see shore just give a whistle. I may come depending on the decibels. Like my mother use to come for Amitabh Bachhan, his son in Ajooba.
You must not be watching Indian movies so you don’t worry about how my mom used to manage that because anything can happen in fiction.

My love not only started with you it was with you always but you never felt.once I was very happy when you were coming to jump in the sea for me but Jack interrupted you and you believed on him more than me. O my love you did not know that I was there down for you to catch and fill you between my fins.

You must be wondering how this scene come after the scene when you came to forepeak but again that you don’t have to worry about. I said anything can happen in fiction.

My love I was sailing with Titanic continuously just to have a glance of you whenever you come to the railings. I never liked jack with you but I was happy for you that someone is there after me to protect you, to care for you, and to kiss you. Oops! Its ok I know it but I will not mind it because love knows sacrifice.

Rose that was the furious day and I am very sorry, but I had always tried to grab attention of the captain by my sway and jump in water to let him know about the iceberg ahead. Not only me but all my friends were trying to help the ship. We tried to pull the ship back but it was very fast (Don’t worry, anything can happen in fiction). Many of my friends were killed but we can’t help it.

The Captain must be Drunk! But it never appeared from his beard that he would have been an amateur captain. I suspect him that he must have also jealous of you and jack and of me too, may be.

He always uses to watch you for a long time from the binoculars on his bridge wings when you were standing in the sunlight drying your hairs oh! Leave it anyways he died before he could have done something for you.

So that furious night I was watching the titanic taking a KitKat break and diving deep. Till the last moment my love I and my friends were there near to hold you. To save you, but you fallen asleep on the Kitply and the jack was taking you away from me. I was not fearing of jack but was just waiting for your call if you could have noticed me.

After when you were leaving on boat I was still there waiting for you to notice me. In absence of jack I thought you must be feeling alone and I was there to hold you. But I think it was very cold and your emotions were frozen in that.

Saw you on television giving interviews for that night. You are quite old now but still my love is as young as before. On this valentine when you will get this letter try whistling on the shore and I will come for you, if it is not more for you to blow out try using the electric horn, my listening capacity is also grown weak.

Your pendant is there with me always, kept for remembrance.


End of the Letter

Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Christopher James Nielson

Here is the entry from Sreemoyee Basu for Write Your Love Contest.

The letter is addressed to Christopher James Nielson from the movie ‘What Dreams May Come’.

The Letter

Dear Christopher,

I have been in love with you from the first day I saw you and heard your tale of love. There is a voice inside me that corresponds to every word of yours making me realize that what you said is soulfully true. It might not make much sense to the mind, but the heart knows that it is being recognized in every action of love that you performed. While your tale unraveled I imagined that all that you did, you did for me. After all, it was you who said, “What is true in our minds is true”; and I believe you.

I learn from you, Chris, not because I take what you say and imbibe it, but because I find your words resonating within me. The foremost thing that you have taught me is the importance of looking into someone’s eyes and really seeing him; of knowing that fear, denial, insecurities are a shell which the real person exists beneath and beyond. I admire you for not belittling my inability to see clearly, instead for your efforts to stand with me and see through my eyes.  I love you for trying to find ‘new ways to love me, to help me and to keep us together always’. I love you for the fight that you put up with yourself to be with me; when your instinct was to not give up, you did so to be with me. When you were safe and untouched by grief and denial and had the option of moving on, you chose to adopt my reality so that I wouldn’t be left alone.

You made me realize that sometimes, when you win because that is what you have been trained to do, you are actually losing out on what your inner voice wants you to do; and when people love the way you do, they transcend the boundaries that they have set for themselves and realize that happiness lies in making the impossible, possible.  This is what I love most about you, the fact that you do not lie to me about happiness. You do not tell me that it is easily mine to have and to keep and are not offended when I turn away from it; you truly realize that for some people to whom life has been unkind, happiness is a struggle and to such people the only thing that matters most, is knowing that they are not alone.

I love you Chris because even though you have never known me, I feel that you do.  You know all that is good in people and hence you know the good in me too. The beauty of a person like you is that you can relate one’s faults to one’s strengths making them seem natural and hence not faults at all. When I look at myself the way I know you would have seen me, I feel beautiful.  It is because of you that I know that things like love and beauty reach people beyond boundaries and connect their souls. It is because of you, darling, that I believe in soulmates.

Yours Soulfully,

End of the Letter

About the character: Christopher James Nielson is the protagonist of the1998 film, ‘What Dreams May Come’, directed by Vincent Ward. Most of the film speaks of Chris’ experiences after his death, relating them to  the people and situations from when he was still alive.

There are times when I refer to things that he does for me. This is because as mentioned in the letter, I put myself in place of the female protagonist.

Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Pooja

Here is the entry from panditG for Write Your Love Contest.

The letter is addressed to Pooja, a very modest and enthusiastic dancer in the film “Dil Toh Pagal Hai”.

The Letter

Dearest Pooja,

This is my first love letter (and probably the last one) to you. The last, I said because after denying Ajay, you have decided to go with Rahul. Rahul, who never believed in one true love in a lifetime. But, your simplicity and honest feelings towards the eternal love made Rahul understand what true love is.

This letter is an attempt to uncover my heart to you. Also, that I want to convey my truest feelings towards you. I reiterate that you are the one who has enamored me and made me believe in one true love in a lifetime. Your mesmerizing smile has always left me awe-struck. But, even in this state I would like to bestow my love upon you and reassure you that:

My love for you is very true,
which is offered by a rare few.
Don’t ever suspect its purity,
It’s as pure as morning dew.

Pooja, trust me; I am a staunch believer of the maxim –“Someone somewhere is made for you.” Time and again, not just seeing you, even imagining you, rings bell in my mind (Uparwala ghanti bajata hai!).

Actually, awaiting your reply, but even a sly smile on your face would give me a comfort of being connected with your neurons for few nanoseconds. And, that’s it what I can expect.

Soulfully yours,


End of the Letter

About the character: Pooja is the central character from the romantic film “Dil Toh Pagal Hai” released by Yash Raj Films in 1997. “Dil Toh Pagal Hai” is a very heartfelt love story with a sublime message that – ‘someone somewhere is made for you’. This film had great star-cast like Shahrukh Khan (Rahul), Madhuri Dixit (Pooja), Karishma Kapoor (Nisha) and Ajay (Akshay Kumar).

Pooja comes into the scene after Nisha accidentally gets her foot injured during the dance practice for Rahul’s dance show titled “Maya”. Rahul is in search of Nisha’s replacement and finds Pooja to fit the bill. Pooja eventually replaces Nisha and enters the dance troupe but also in Rahul’s life. But, Pooja is engaged to Ajay. The story revolves with a tailspin “Jo jeese chahe, woh aur kise chahe”.


Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Jennifer

Here is the entry from Amar Agarwala for Write Your Love Contest.

The letter is addressed to Jennifer, the tragic heroine of the best-seller romantic book written by Eric Segal, called – Love Story.

The Letter

Hey Jenny,

When you will be reading this letter, I know you will be in another world…perhaps too far to even care. More so, for someone you never knew and may never ever know. Yet, a letter at your graveside would surprise you, for the dead receive no letters… perhaps a passing angel or a druid would be kind enough to carry its contents to wherever you are…maybe you would at least read it, if only, just out of curiosity.

I know how much you loved Oliver…when you were alive; perhaps as much as he loves you now. Strange that divinity never gave you both a chance…to be together always; or maybe it did, in painful memories and thoughts. Despite of his feelings for you, Oliver tries to search a new life for himself, for he is alive and therefore the need to make a life, if not living. When I read ‘Love Story’, I was visibly moved, for it touched the core of my heart. Then ‘Oliver’s Story’ followed. The sequence distinctly mentioned right at its beginning – Death ends a life but not a relationship, which carried on in the mind of the survivor towards a resolution it may never find. How true? Did Oliver really carry on the relationship? If he did, then what made him look for other relationships…what made him reach out for someone who would match you, at least in some qualities. Ironical really…but then it happens to the living… who never really give up the zest for life. Just as Oliver is doing; nothing wrong with that except that somewhere he is not really true to all what he shared with you. His affairs or flings if I may call them, are an assault to the tender love you had shared with him. As they are to me… I would rather he spent his life finding resolutions to all what you had shared with him. Guess…not many I know of would find that even remotely appealing.

You must be wondering what the hell I am getting at? What does this guy want of someone who has been dead a long while? Don’t people look for the living to fall in love with, it is natural and normal too. But the little that I know of love is that it seeks nothing in return – it is what makes it so pure so perfect and so near to being divine. Did you think that I was some jerk, making a crude joke out of it all? Well! The answer is in the negative. I am no jerk; I am the normal kind of guy you find in a class-room at the college, waiting for the bus at the stop, buying a pizza for dinner after a movie or maybe just watching television out of sheer boredom at home. You could be wondering if that has made me crazy…! I don’t think so but I guess if you fall in love with a dead woman, you’d be called just that.
Honestly, it does not matter as to what people would think or anyone for that matter – at least I am honest to admit a fact which I believe is true.

Jenny, I know that you can not offer me anything any longer… at least things which are normally sought for in love. All that you could give and share is long done and gone… moments which were just Oliver’s. I do not even seek any part of it, nor of your thoughts he harbors in his pensive moments. For love is not a piece of cake one shares sitting together; it is not an afternoon spent, sharing tender moments away from the world and perhaps not even sitting close to one another speaking in whispers. There is more to it…than just that. Perhaps the silence of the cemetery where you are buried, maybe the greenery of the wild shrubs near your graveside, or could be the dry leaves caressing your gravestone in the breeze… they sing a song. For I can hear them, as they seem to relate your story, which I just want to sit beside and listen to… because it would make me feel closer to the brown bosom of the earth where you lay inert in cold, silent darkness.

And what then…it makes you wonder? Nothing…to begin I want nothing of you except a small right…the right to love you as I want to…from wherever I am…and wherever you are! I must admit that I feel strange writing to you the most misused four lettered word in the history of mankind. Yet, I know of no other adjective to best express my dormant thoughts… thoughts which are yours. Yes, I do seek that you read this letter till the end… for I am prepared to wait a lifetime or whatever it takes to meet you. Maybe at another time and place, where we could be together… where you could feel for me like I do…even if you don’t it will not matter. It is also likely that we may never meet in succeeding lifetimes…but it would not erase my feelings for you. I know all what is loved and shared is never lost…and my thoughts for you will remain etched in eternity. For loving you is my prerogative; as much as I do is again my prerogative; and loving you forever a passion I am imbued with…possible that it borders on insanity. Nothing strange about that, people who have loved intensely in this world have often been labeled that by lesser mortals. Fair enough…yet, it does not take away the candidness of this most wonderful thought called ‘love’.

There is nothing else I can offer as a homage to your graveside along with this letter and the wild orchids…hope you like them, for they carry untold feelings, tender thoughts which I know will bring some light to the darkness you are engulfed with. If the fragrance of the words in this letter bring a smile to your face, it will be enough for me.. for that is all I seek of you. All I will ever seek!

If not yours…no one else’s
And if yours…then only yours…always…till eternity.


End of the Letter

About the character: Jennifer is the tragic heroine of the best-seller romantic book written by Eric Segal, called – Love Story. It was later made into a movie which was an all time hit. Jenny, pet name of Jennifer dies of cancer when the story ends. The book was followed by a sequel called – Oliver’s Story, where Oliver, Jenny’s husband tries to come to term with his life after the tragic exit of Jenny from his life.

This letter is for Jennifer… to be posted at her graveside with a bunch of wild mauve colored orchids, soon after her death somewhere in the middle of the sequel…mentioned above.

It is a presumption that the soul of Jennifer reads the letter…delivered to her by an astral body like an angel or a fairy which happened to pass her graveside one summer evening.

Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Nirjala

Here is the entry from Mohit Ghildiyal for Write Your Love Contest

The letter is addressed to Nirjala, a character from the movie “Tere Naam”.

The Letter

My dear Nirjala,
“Beauty lies in simplicity”, a perfect of example of this phrase is you. “Love is worship”, a perfect example of this of this phrase will be me, if you accept my love. Nirjala you are a challenge for present generation modern girls on whose dictionary meaning of love start from calling a person honey and ends in his money. The way you worship your deity, i will worship you and that too with same devotion and care. You believe in a word called pure heart and this word meaning are enclosed in my heart.
I do not find “fight” a meaning full action but for you I can even single handily go for the war with Greek Spartans. I love my life, I also love you but if there is the option I can sacrifice first option for you. May be i will not be able to provide you all the luxuries’ of the world but I sure I in the name of god that with me you will be the happiest on the earth.
Sorry to mention you as a deity,
But you are close to that.
My heart suffers from severe anxiety,
But I will not force you for that.
I believe in word called true love, I believe in word called unconditional love,
One or the other day you will feel this sweet pain of real love.
Cupid arrow had struck deep inside my heart,
This had made me mad about you, my life.
Taking help of dear cupid is not what I think,
My love will become sharper than the arrow of cupid.
I will give you all the option in this world; I will give you all the time in this world,
But think before you speak, as it’s a matter of our love.

Yours and only yours,

End of the letter

Entry to WYL Contest: Letter to Scarlett O’Hara

Hope you have checked out our Write Your Love Contest. If not, do so now. Here is the entry from Victor Jasti.

The letter is addressed to Scarlett O’Hara, the heroine of the novel Gone with the Wind.

The Letter

My Dear Scarlett,

From the time I decided to write to you, my pounding heart made it difficult to hold my pen steadily. It took a long time to mellow down the throbbing heart, and it did after the Sun went down and the Moon appeared. Then the very thought that you are going to read this note made my knees buckle, that I had to hold on to the table, lest I stumble.

Scarlett I write this to tell you that I love you. To let you know that I love your looks; that mesmerizing look which tells me that you are also in love with me.

Those deep light green eyes, makes my dreams so beautiful, so exciting, that I would like to keep on sleeping, so as not to burst the dream bubble. My mouth goes dry, at the very thought that those lovely eyes of yours gaze upon me, as you talk to me.

Your laughter, that effervescent laughter reverberates in my ears, days after I had met you. Those around me, who know me, know that I am in love with you, when thy see me smiling to myself. Those around me know that I am hopelessly in love with you, as I gaze up the sky and walk around aimlessly, waiting for that note of yours, telling me that you would like to meet me.

Scarlett, my dream come true, you are the one whom I love you most. How I wish I can spend more time with you, so that I can breathe the same air you breathe, hear your voice, as you whisper charming love notes, and smell the sweet smell of lavender as I caress the smoothness of your hand with my lips.



End of the Letter

About the Character: Scarlett O’Hara is the beautiful and ruthless woman, the very epitome of any man’s dream. She fought to be with her man, fought alongside men, competing with them so that she can have food on her table, and not go hungry anymore. She is the heroine of the novel Gone with the Wind.

How did you like Victor’s expression of love for this ruthless, attractive woman? 🙂

Entry to WYL Contest: Letter to Edward Cullen

Hope you have checked out our Write Your Love Contest. If not, do so now. Here is the entry from Priya.

The letter is addressed to Edward Cullen, the vampire lead of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.

The Letter

Dear Edward,

When I looked at you the first time, I saw those deep, penetrating, piercing eyes that would change the color to depict your mood and unknowingly, unintentionally they effect me too. When they turn blue I know you are calm and a sense of security surrounds me. When they turn red – they paint me scarlet because I know that is when you want me. The eyes turn black, as they try to penetrate mine to know my deepest secret- reflecting my eyecolor and they camouflage to protect their own secret. When they are hazel- the sunflower eyes as I call them, you are your real self and those sunflower eyes become my sun and I become the sunflower of those sunflower eyes, and I can not resist turning towards you.
When you are around I stand awestruck, speechless. No matter how I much try I can not bring myself to utter those words which I so easily whisper to you in my dreams. So today, I’m penning my feelings down. I want you to know, that I am truly and irrevocably in love with you. You are my love, You are my dream. So Let me dream my love, let me love my dream.
Exclusively yours

End of the Letter

About the character: Edward Cullen (né Edward Anthony Masen) is a fictional character in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. He is featured in the books Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, as well as the Twilight film, and the as yet unfinished novel Midnight Sun – a re-telling of the events of Twilight from Edward’s perspective. Edward is a vampire who, over the course of the series, falls in love with, marries, and has a child with Bella Swan, a human teenager who later chooses to become a vampire also. In the Twilight film series, Edward is played by actor Robert Pattinson.

Edward, like all vampires in the Twilight series, possesses superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and agility, and is described as being inhumanly beautiful. His scent and voice are enormously seductive to Bella, so much so that he occasionally sends her into a pliant daze entirely by accident. In Twilight, Edward explains that like other vampires, he does not need to breathe, though he chooses to do so out of habit and because it is helpful to smell his environment. He cannot digest regular food, and compares its attractiveness for him to the prospect of eating dirt for a regular person. As well, like other vampires, Edward is not able to sleep.

In addition to the traits he shares with his fellow vampires, Edward has certain abilities that are his alone. He is the fastest of the Cullens, able to outrun any of them. Perhaps as a result of a talent for empathy in his human life, Edward can also read the mind of anyone within a few miles of himself; Bella is the sole exception to this rule, which Meyer has stated is due to Bella having a very private mind.[7] Edward also retains some of the traditional mindset and dated patterns of speech from his early-20th century human life.

How do you like Priya’s vampire love? 🙂