Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Hasini

Hope you have checked out our Write Your Love Contest. If not, do so now. Here is the entry from Sanket.

The letter is addressed to Hasini, the character played by Genelia Desouza in the Telgu movie ” Bommarillu”.

The Letter

Dear Hasini,

If there one thing that made me more human, my life more alive and charming then that thing should be you, sweetheart!! You taught me the real meaning of Innocence, real meaning of smile, real meaning of cuteness.

Before meeting you in Bommarillu, I had emotions in my life but their real meaning, their depth is understood only after meeting you, only after relating those emotions with you. Before meeting you I had colors in my life but I started recognizing them by correlating them with the colors of dresses. Hasini, you made me more human, more delicate…no wonder I am in Love with You !!

You look so innocent when you just come outside the bathroom after the bath. The freshness of your aura is palpable in the air. The sky blue color top, white towel at your hairs, little water drops thinning out on your chicks, you look gorgeous sweetheart!! The water drops falling of your hairs are so precious but you don’t care an ounce for them, I extent my hand to catch them but Alas !! My hands could only reach screen of my laptop. You made me understand the meaning of innocence and the magic of sky blue color.

Then comes choosing the dress for the college, sweetly you ask which dress – Green or Blue…He says Green and naughtily you chose Blue…at that moment I wanted to hold your hand say , “ Please, ware green for me today! Please, please…” Alas !! My words didn’t reach to you through the laptop screen.

You look ravishing in white dress. You wore that when you went for shopping to Sultan Buzzar on that day. Thousand times you said, “Everybody says I look like an Angel in the white!” I knew that you expecting him to say the same at least once. Let me tell you sweetheart you are Angel for me with or without the White dresses because White is symbol of purity and I know how pure and innocent you are. You are my Angel. I now recognize the White only by correlating it to your dress and imagining you like an Angel!!

You remember….on that day when you were bunking the lectures to come to meet him and the college Principal caught you. The mix of emotions on your face – Fear, anxiety, shock and regret for not meeting him was palpable. He missed seeing you in light green top and dark green long skirt. The green color never appeared more beautiful to me before and after that moment and I always remember the green in correlation with your expressions after being caught.

He was so angry when you called him for an Ice-cream at the midnight. Actually, you never called him, you only told him that you are going alone to eat the ice-cream at midnight and this poor guy was so scared that he came to see you right at the midnight on that day. I still remember the dark blue dress you wore on that night. I was eagerly waiting for one bite of ice-cream fed through your hands and you know I almost touched my nose to the laptop screen but still I couldn’t had that bite from your hands. Since that moment, I eat the Ice-cream in your memory only.

You look more beautiful when you are scared. I know these are not of the moments you enjoy but seeing you fearful or scared is a bit different experience. You remember on that day when his father shouted on you and you had no idea what to do…you were shocked and scared ….at that moment I wanted to hold you into my arms and tell you don’t worry, everything would be fine. You looked mesmerizing in that light purple top. Since then the purple is remembered only in correlation with your scary emotions.

I still remember the day when he scolded you for sharing all secrets (between you and him) with your friends. I thought to myself how can someone even think of shouting at you? Your sad face could not go left my memories for hours and days together. You wore Orange on that day…since then I don’t like Orange…It reminds me your sad face and tears into your eyes and I can’t tolerate that…not even for a moment.

But Hasini, these were the moments when I was only mesmerized with your beauty and innocence, it was only attraction. I am an Aquarian and it is difficult to hold Aquarians for long time only with mesmerizing beauty. The intellectual astuteness in girls attract and appeal more to them than mere physical beauty.

Hasini, the real realization of the love came when you refused to change your natural behavior for the sake of others and you went to the extent of leaving him. After realizing that he no more enjoys your continuous chattering, he never calls for telling sweet things on phone, you decided to leave him and this attitude made me fall in love with you. You knew who you are and more importantly you knew who you would not want to be. You knew that no one, not even your father would stand by you after all this but then also you moved ahead with your courageous decision to leave him. You realized you are more beautiful in your natural behavior and you are not hypocrite who would refrain her true feeling, you can’t be one person inside and other person outside.

You are the one sweetheart…this gesture and the logic was more enticing than the smile on your lips and depth of beautiful eyes…and at that moment, Hasini…. this true Aquarian felt in love with you…..

Let me tell you this sweetheart….I am in total love with you…and love is so pure, so beautiful and more importantly it is without conditions….it is just there…always…hence I don’t have any expectations from you but I just want to ponder over some things…

Dear Hasini,

Haven’t you listened to the whispering words “I love you!” when I never said them? Haven’t you smiled at yourself after that and said , “ Pagal ! Kuch bhi sochti rahti hain !!”

Don’t tell me that you haven’t seen the love in my sparkling eyes every time we met?

Don’t tell me that you haven’t you felt the love when I first time unknowingly touched your hands? Why you pulled them quickly just when I wanted to hold them tighter?

Haven’t you felt the love in my warm tears when you were leaving to home for a week and I came to drop you at the station?

Haven’t you smelled the love in the White flowers I gave on that day? Weren’t you expecting the Red Flowers? I left wondering why you were not that happy seeing those White flowers, now I understand the significance of Red.

Haven’t you tested the love in the ‘Khichadi’ I cooked for you? Weren’t you expecting me to feed you bite by bite, looking straight into your eyes?

This just can’t happen that you never felt it or you never wondered is there really something between us!! This is simply not possible…

I know ….it was always there…and don’t worry it will be always there for you….Just take your time to express it to me….don’t lose your innocence in doing so otherwise I would feel guilty of hurting you…

I just somehow know that you love me and if you did not then this letter would surely make you fall in love with me…..I am writing this letter to just let you know why & how I felt in love with you….and why I want to spend rest of the life with you….because I know when I tell you that….you will just think about those moments….smile at yourself….laugh at yourself and would finally say, “Why did you take so much time in saying a simple thing? Do you enjoy seeing me like this, waiting for you to say this? You made me fall in Love with you, I Love You!”…
P.S. – Its 5.01 am in the morning and my dream has just shaken with realities but they say dreams at the dawn become reality….I Love you…Hasini…in my dreams which I see with open eyes….

End of the Letter

About the character: I am in love with Hasini – this is the character played by sweet Genelia Desouza in the Telgu movie ” Bommarillu”.

I felt an intimate connection with Hasini because this character represents some of the rare qualities I am looking in my life partner.

At every incident in the movie, I felt connected with the Hasini. In every scene, I imagined myself instead of Siddhu ( Lead Actor) in the film. This letter is result of structured observation of the qualities of the character which ultimately made me fall in love with Hasini and Genelia. This letter is an outcome of the emotions Hasini was able to generate into my mind as I watched the movie.

This character Hasini defines the fundamental human emotions such as Innocence, Humor, Anger, Fear, Love, Care in the best way possible. My real sweetheart may not be as cute as Genelia but the characters and charm of the spontaneous character should be part of her personality.

The different facets of the character unfold as the movie progresses and I come to know behind a seemingly childish character lies a matured thinking women. This unusual combination of the character – Beauty with Intelligence and Innocence with Maturity made me fall in love with Hasini. I want these qualities in my life partner hence I got easily connected with the character in the film.

So, when I first time heard of this contest, within no time I grabbed this opportunity to express my love to Hasini…and here I am still writing at 4.56 am in the morning, almost for last 7 hours, crafting each word of this beautiful love letter…isn’t this passion for my love towards Hasini??

How did you like Sanket’s passionate love for Hasini? 🙂

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  1. Hi,
    Sanket is true lover of Hansini.
    he desperetly loves her and has collected several wallpapers of her.
    I wish Sanket best luck for his love life !!!

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