Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Mohanmbal

Hope you have checked out our Write Your Love Contest. If not, do so now. Here is the entry from Raghunath.

The letter is addressed to Mohanmbal, a devdasi in Tamil Movie “Thillana Mohanambal”.

The Letter

Dear Mohanmbal,

I know that you are surrounded by all the Diwans, who has plenty of wealth but no brain to cheer you. I know sikkal shanmugham has great love on you but he has head long personality. Once his profession is challenged he will not hesitate to sacrifice you. Let me narrate my stand and try to analyse the pros and cons. I know, You will start loving me and you will not find any other proposition to decide. I am not good vidwan on any musical instruments like sikkal shanmugham, but I am one of the great music lover. As you said to nathamuni, any person who worships art and kala seva, will be the great honest and noble man, I am fitting into that attributes. As sikkal does, I do not challenge your profession and simply abide and accept and great worship on your talent. People use to say, true and successful love will always behind love the one who worships you and not the one who you love. More than anything, I dreamt so many days and enjoyed your passion and beauty. One of the dangerous personality is your mother. I know, you are unable to expel her the reason being the mother status. But still, I can able to adjust and will not be the disturbance between us and such a way, I can handle her. Who else are you worried. Guru, is another person, I can able to convince by joining as a student and win over his heart too. Only negative point on me my poor status. Never mind, I can earn much to keep as my palace queen and I also knew that you never give bit of mind towards wealth. Above all, I have a clear cut demarcation between professional ethics and personal affairs hence your professional career will never be hindrance to our life.

Above all, you just give me one hour time to share my views in person, I will place you in heaven and you will never think about any other person.

Yours lovingly,

End of the Letter

About the Character: She is from a famous tamil movie thillana mohanambal wherein actress padmini is the dancer belonging to devadasi community. She was loved by Sikkal Shanmugham (actor Padmasri Sivaji Ganesan) . At one stage, she will feel that whether her love proposition to Sikkal itself is the wrong one or not. I am here to cash this opportunity through my love letter.

How did you like Raghunath’s rather analytical love letter to Mohanmbal? 🙂

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