Entry for WYL Contest: Letter to Geeta

Hope you have checked out our Write Your Love Contest. If not, do so now. Here is the entry from Saras Ojha.

The letter is addressed to Geeta from the movie “Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi”.

The Letter

Dear Geeta,

I believe that love is a mysterious equation , where variables assign themselves any random value. I see an overture between the two of us. I liked the way we presented our report on “women as an agent of change.” I liked your naive dialects of ancient thinkers. You wear “saree” even in London . That makes you, so special in my eyes and you took me to a age where eye lashes used as magical wands and “eyes ” were the greatest wizard.

I was astonished last afternoon when you gave a nice spat to Mark, when he argued that Indian women do not know how to kiss. Your confident talks really amused me. You are truly a very beautiful woman who still adheres to the basic of our civilization and I am assured that vanguard of our “Bharatiyata” is intact.
Last night, after winning that coveted prize, we two really partied as if we were together for ages. I might be in a state of hang over due to lack of water which are required to run Kreb Cycles in our body. You absorb all from me, all my senses. The Lord has put into you so much that’s beautiful, and I find you wonderful. I see you through the prism of love, the shape of geometry, I dont know if it is Eucledian’s, but the vision definitely has desires to stay long with you.

Ohh!! these breaths of mine , they tend to make sine curves of rise and cosines of fall, complementing each other, I wish to hug you so strongly that even wind
can’t brush you. In my dreams the glittering of your necklace took me to the platues of the most desired statue. An unmoved physically alive figure of yours. My strong arms held you and affinity for you which tends to infinity , I wish I could drink your sweat.

Geeta , I have found my soul mate in you. I would like to live with you forever.


End of the Letter

About the Character: This letter is addressed to Geeta , a character from the movie ” Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi ” . When Siddharth leaves for Bihar to bring about a revolution; Geeta leaves for Oxford to get a degree, and Vikram sets up an office in Delhi. I meet Geeta in Oxford. I indulge in platonic activities with her and we develop intimacy with each other.

Geeta Rao, meanwhile, is from a middle class South Indian extended family. As such, she is a sheltered person. She is in love with Siddharth and his firebrand personality. But while she likes to hear him talk of revolution, she herself is not so sure about taking part in one. Vikram is from a middle class family, with a Gandhian father who is an idealist. Vikram is very ambitious, and wants to be successful, by hook or by crook. He is also in love with Geeta, but his love is not reciprocated.

How well do you think Saras has expressed his love for Geet who already has two suitors in Siddhartha and Vikram? 🙂

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