Some Queries about WYL Contest

We have received some queries about WYL Contest, specifically regarding the number of comments received on the entries and their role in the shortlisting/winner selection. To clarify, I am quoting what we had mentioned in the announcement

Apart from the assessment of our team, we will also look at the comments received on the love letter on our blog, if any. However, it won’t be simply about number of comments. In fact, comments that just say things like good/bad/great/marvellous will not be considered at all. But the comments which will genuinely analyze the entry will be taken in to account.

Hope this clarifies that it was not simply about the number of comments. To be honest, very few comments received analyzed the entry. But most of them did give feedback on the writing. So, we think they were useful for the writers.

That said, it was a fun contest. Writing is first about expressing yourself and only later about recognition in terms of prizes and awards. So, whether or not you made it to the shortlist and whether or not you win, we hope you enjoyed writing for the contest and will continue expressing yourself in future through this medium.

We certainly enjoyed reading all the entries we received. Some of them were interesting, but did not qualify for technical reasons. We will be putting them up for your reading pleasure too.

We expect to announce the final winners by today afternoon. So, keep checking.

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