Some interesting Love Letters that did not qualify for WYL Contest

Love Letter ImageWe received some love letters, which did not qualify for the contest. But they were interesting nonetheless. We are posting them for your reading pleasure.

From Pierre Curie to Marie Curie

by Saras Ojha

About the character: The writer of this letter is Pierre Curie. Pierre died in a road accident. When Marie learnt about his death, Tears failed to drop from her eyes.  She was immensely shocked and was supposed to deliver a lecture. Pierre writes to Marie , reminding her about the lecture she was now supposed to deliver  after his  sudden death.


The Letter

Dear Marie,

The Sorbonne might ask you to assume my physics chair.  Probably on the day my lecture class is to resume, the room will be crowded with celebrities, politicians, and most of the faculty of the university. There would be even a stenographer ready to record what were sure to be your  historic opening remarks. Upon entering the room, You will meet  with a thunderous round of applause. Without fanfare, you wait  for the applause to subside before speaking. Foregoing all formalities and introductory remarks, you begin your lecture at the very point where I had left off months before.

You remember what I had felt about you when we met for the first time. When I saw you, I noticed your deep interest in science. I had always believed that Science and romance cannot go together. But you , Marie,  made it possible. I had done lots of research over my span of fifteen years but I had never completed a doctorate. But you insisted me to write up my research on magnetism.

I remember the day of our marriage when you instead of a bridal gown you wore a dark blue outfit, which for years after was a serviceable lab garment.  My father always told me that I am lost in dreams. Oops! even , while crossing the road that day, I was dreaming. Actually after working in the laboratory all morning, I braved the heavy rain, umbrella in hand, and traveled across Paris to my  luncheon meeting. There I spoke forcefully on a number of issues that concerned me, including widening career options for junior faculty and drafting legal codes to help prevent laboratory accidents. Hurrying to cross the street, I was run over by a horse-drawn wagon with a load of military uniforms, weighing some six tons. I was killed instantly.

I wish if you could  take care of Irene . I wish if even Irene could win a Nobel prize like us.  And secondly , I would like you to make a laboratory, for which we two always thrived for. You know that a laboratory is not created in a few months with a wave of a magic wand. It requires a sheer pace of work and thought.


End of the Letter

From Romeo, the trainee chef to Juliet, the senior chef

by Mohit Ghildiyal

The Letter

My dearest Miss chef,

I sure in the name of Newzeland Lamb rack , that you are  percious for me like a Beluga Caviar. When you stand in front of me , choping onion does not dare to wet my eyes. Looking at your face remind me of the Californian grapes. Though from outside you are as hard as rare done Lamb Steak, but i know you heart is softer than a Salmon Steak. For me your presence make this dhaba a Michelen star restraunt  in which Gordon Ramsay is a comiis doing Mise-en-place for you now.
If you are a sushi, i will be your soya sauce,
This Trainee will make your heart rock.
If you are a Pancake, i will be your Maple syrup,
No one can change our destiny of love.
If you are Sandwich, i will be your fries,
Loving your junior will not lead to sucide.
If you are a omlette, I will be your toast,
Please be my Valentine, I will never take weekly off.

Romeo Salad

End of the Letter

To Rose from a Bull

By Hemant Soni

The Letter

O my dear Rose

Ever since I saw you standing on the fore peak of titanic, It was like the end of my ocean life. I wanted to be human, yes that was the moment I can never forget.

I know u do not remember me, how can you remember if you don’t know me and also when you had someone (jack) there who loved you may be or may not be more than me.

Let me introduce you to me. I was an unrecognized bull. A bull in water?  No! Not that one you must be thinking about. A male dolphin is called as a bull.

How a fish can love a girl?  See my love this you don’t worry about because anything can happen in fiction.  Just if you can do something then do love me somewhere in the core of your heart and when you come to see shore just give a whistle. I may come depending on the decibels. Like my mother use to come for Amitabh Bachhan, his son in Ajooba.
You must not be watching Indian movies so you don’t worry about how my mom used to manage that because anything can happen in fiction.

My love not only started with you it was with you always but you never felt.once I was very happy when you were coming to jump in the sea for me but Jack interrupted you and you believed on him more than me. O my love you did not know that I was there down for you to catch and fill you between my fins.

You must be wondering how this scene come after the scene when you came to forepeak but again that you don’t have to worry about. I said anything can happen in fiction.

My love I was sailing with Titanic continuously just to have a glance of you whenever you come to the railings. I never liked jack with you but I was happy for you that someone is there after me to protect you, to care for you, and to kiss you. Oops! Its ok I know it but I will not mind it because love knows sacrifice.

Rose that was the furious day and I am very sorry, but I had always tried to grab attention of the captain by my sway and jump in water to let him know about the iceberg ahead. Not only me but all my friends were trying to help the ship. We tried to pull the ship back but it was very fast (Don’t worry, anything can happen in fiction). Many of my friends were killed but we can’t help it.

The Captain must be Drunk! But it never appeared from his beard that he would have been an amateur captain. I suspect him that he must have also jealous of you and jack and of me too, may be.

He always uses to watch you for a long time from the binoculars on his bridge wings when you were standing in the sunlight drying your hairs oh! Leave it anyways he died before he could have done something for you.

So that furious night I was watching the titanic taking a KitKat break and diving deep. Till the last moment my love I and my friends were there near to hold you. To save you, but you fallen asleep on the Kitply and the jack was taking you away from me. I was not fearing of jack but was just waiting for your call if you could have noticed me.

After when you were leaving on boat I was still there waiting for you to notice me. In absence of jack I thought you must be feeling alone and I was there to hold you. But I think it was very cold and your emotions were frozen in that.

Saw you on television giving interviews for that night. You are quite old now but still my love is as young as before. On this valentine when you will get this letter try whistling on the shore and I will come for you, if it is not more for you to blow out try using the electric horn, my listening capacity is also grown weak.

Your pendant is there with me always, kept for remembrance.


End of the Letter

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