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Neha Agarwal reviews four books around the theme of “Mystery and Crime”.

The Offsite (e-book & print book) – Hema Gollamudi

The offsite - CoverHere’s a murder mystery with a difference. With reference to the employees of the erstwhile IT industry, this book gives an insight of the complex feelings and emotions that today’s working generation has towards hierarchy and its implications. The characters are life like and well depicted in the story. The author has uncovered various possibilities that otherwise one would not consider in a conventional scenario. The story also outlines the paradigm the Indian society is going through – especially with regard to white collared crimes. Given the current scenario of India and Bangalore in particular, the story is unfortunately, a very plausible one. The mystery is well portrayed, captivating the reader, compelling her to make her own guesses of who it could be the culprit and the why. Overall, the story is nail biting.

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Bedevilled (print book) – Kumar Rajgeet
Bedevilled - Cover
Bedeviled unfolds a nail biting story which comes with clear cut message to its readers – watch your actions as they may have unbelievable repercussions. It is indeed a novelette that uncovers a series of life changing events in the life of the protagonist – Daniel. The message is manifested through descriptions of events that keep the reader at the edge of her seat. It compels one to re think one’s own karmas. However, the end is a little vague and abrupt making it a little disappointing for a reader who wants closure. Overall the effort is good.

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Open End (e-book) – Gourav Salanke

Open End - CoverThis book involves a story in a story. The reader cannot decipher what is the actual follow through of events. Albeit a short story, it grips the reader and keeps the reader keenly involved. It is riveting to say the least of all and evokes reader’s imagination to solve the mystery – compelling her to get involved in the story – just like the other innocent bystanders who get entangled in the crime portrayed. The end is open ended (in sync with the title) – left to the reader’s interpretation.

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10 Most Interesting Questions (e-book) – Mr. Wrong

10 Most Interesting Questions - CoverThe pen name of the author and the title of the book sure arises the curiosity of the reader and arrests her attention. The questions chosen by the author are indeed questions that would have arisen in the mind of a person with normal levels of curiosity. While the author or more aptly the researcher has attempted to answer these questions with conviction, some of them still remain open ended mysteries which are left to the imagination of the reader to infer from.

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