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The Adventures of Dara – Tanya Chatterji

Well done Tanya! The Adventures of Dara come with a moral message for its young readers. Even adults can learn a lesson or two, which they may have forgotten, from Dara’s adventures. The language is simple and descriptive. The illustrations summarize the words and depict the stories aptly. One can revisit those days of fun and frolic through these stories. Anyone who has read Tanya’s book knows that this young girl is soon going to be a renowned writer… or wait! I think she already is. All the best.

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Dream World – Gaurav Manik

Cover for Dream World by Gaurav ManikThis is a well written book. The adventures are gripping and one can relate to them well if one allows herself to get lost in the Dream World. The drawings depict the story very well. The language is simple and perfect making it convenient for the young readers to savour the book. The story evokes the desire for more adventure. Nick’s quest is thrilling and the reference to Harry Porter in particular is fun. This book makes the reader wonder if Nick was indeed just dreaming or was it all for real.

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Mystic Power Force – Shachii Manik

Mystic Power Force by Shachii Manik

This is an adventurous book. It raises the curiosity of the reader and the reader wants to read on to see what happens next. The story has a very good moral message that power should be used judiciously. The 5 brave children described in the book are very well portrayed. The characters, the settings and the story by itself, is very interesting.  The writer has managed to open up the young minds of the readers of this book. The drawings are well made and enhance the story.

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Rainbow of Stories – Sarah Deshpande

Rainbow of Stories by Sarah DeshpandeYoung Sarah has written so many short stories in this book.  There are very good drawings at the beginning of every story. Each story has a very nice message to it. All the stories have happy endings and are as colourful and cheerful as the Rainbow itself. The language is simple and honest. Here is a budding short stories writer. Congratulations to her. All the best.

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