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Search for Existence by P. V. Rai

Search for Existence - CoverBesides exploring the aspects of existence from its inception, the author has explained the various philosophies of life that influence one’s being. The language is simple. The concepts are well defined. The ground work done by the author to make this book possible is applaudable. This book is a must read for anyone who wishes to know the essence of existence and add a new dimension to one’s own life.

Advaita Vedanta (A Student’s Note) by Shashikant Padalkar

Advaita Vedanta - coverThis book offers an indepth insigth in to the philosphies of the Vedas. It is a highly knowledgeable book and a very good read for anyone who wishes to gain knowledge about the rich heritage and learnings the Vedas have to offer – that have been passed on from, through generations. The author’s study and efforts are commendable. His research is well manifested in the manuscript. The paradigm of philosophies over cenruaries is well explained and the inevitable outcomea are well depicted.

Silence of the Mind by Dr. Ketan Bajaj

Silence of the Mind - CoverThis book opens up one’s mind. It helps us understand, in a very simple and lucid way, how the several aspects of our lives influence that what our mind is constantly telling us. We are in constant conversation with our mind and hence need to know and determine what we want to converse with it. This book explores various fascinating factors that influence our thoughts. The author has stated relevant examples that make his philosophy more vivid and comprehendable. The language used is not too technical which is a plus point. The book is a good read for anyone who wishes to empower his/her mind.

The Meaning of Life by Vimal Sehgal

The Meaning of Life - Vimal SehgalThe book portrays an indepth guide to the aspect of life. At some level or the other, life per se, is an intriguing topic. The author has discussed and explained this topic in a simple language. The philosophies manifested in the book are thought provoking. The references to ancient theories backed by modern beliefs gives the reader a deep insight into the various ingredients of life. The author has done his research well – which is evident through his work. This book is a very good read for anyone who is at that junction of life – seeking its meaning.

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