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Letting Go of My Father’s Soul – Rajan Prasad Pradhan

Letting Go of My Father's Soul - CoverThis is a touching memoir that evokes certain emotions to those who choose to read it. It acquaints the reader with the harsh reality of loosing one’s parent. The author has portrayed his feellings as diary entries written over a couple of years. He has included several quotes and references from great people and books like the Gita. The language is simple yet very deep. There are many realistic references to occurences that manifest the honesty with which the author wishes to deal with his grief and convey his innermost feelings to the readers through this book.

My Experiences in Uniform – Dinesh Hukmani

My Experiences in Uniform - CoverThis biography is an interesting account of the author’s experience as a soldier. It gives some useful information to those who wish to join the Indian Defence Forces. The sense of patriotism is encouraging and most welcome in these changing times. The book is written in a simple language making it more realistic and akin to anyone who can relate to the army. The manuscript is descriptive making the reader feel like he was there in person. The emotions and feelings one goes through as a soldier are well portrayed.

Journey Down The Memory Lane – Chander Mohan

Journey Down The Memory Lane - CoverThis biography is the portrayal of the writer’s life. It gives us an insight in to the pre independent India, its people and their struggle. The book is very detailed and descriptive. The author’s journey is not only interesting but also informative. A lot has been written about the India just before and just after its freedom. The soceity, the culture, the life per se is well explained giving the reader a fair understanding of the India that was. Albeit the book is written entirely from the author’s perspective, it can surely be considered as a good reference to anyone who wants to learn more about the nation.

A Witness to Terror – Dinesh Hukmani

A Witness to Terror - CoverThe author has researched in depth and written a book that provides the reader with some fine details that may have been overlooked by the mass media. The person wise account of the witnesses is commendable and shows that the author has taken a lot of efforts to put them together. This book certainly deserves a read if one is curious about what exactly happened on that 2008 November night. It also serves as an genuine tribute to those who lost their lives or the lives of their near and dear ones and most importantly to those who saw it all and escaped death by a cat’s whisker – by the grace of God.

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