Author Resource: Formatting Made Easy with Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator

Quote by Anais Nin on greenbackground- “Do you know what I would answer to someone who asked me for a description of myself, in a hurry? This:?? !!

When you see a tool like the book description generator, you can get excited as the hardest part about selling a book is getting the blurb or if your book is on an online store, the description right. You may be able to write a book of 80,000 words but how do you summarize it into just 150-200 words or 4000 characters? It’s really hard and a tool will come handy.

So How Does the Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator Give You a Good Blurb?

Wait a minute. The Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator is not going to tell you how to make that first line draw the reader’s attention or explain how you can summarize your protagonist’s story in the most appealing way.

You will have to create an effective description by using effective keywords and crafting an interesting summary.

The book description generator provides a code to enter into an online ebook-selling platform say Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Kobo for a perfectly formatted description. So the goal of this tool is formatting.

How the Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator Works

The instructions are clearly stated on the page.

You need to select which platform you want to format the description for as each format has a different set of rules. For instance, Amazon does now use Headings or strikethrough anymore.

There are instructions about how to paste your text without the accompanying CSS.

Depending on which platform you choose, the formatting options that are not available for those options gray out.

Enter the text and format as required.

Then generate the code.

Features and web editor of Kindlepreneur Book description generator
Enter your text and choose the platform where you will be entering your book.
Generated Code which you can copy
Generated Code that you copy into the Book Description

Kindlepreneur Book Description Generator: Recommended or Not?

Yes but not to write your book description, only to format it for specific platforms.

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